Like a Dragon: Ishin! shares more info on its four battle systems

Ahead of its release in just a few weeks, SEGA and RGG Studio shared more details about the four battle systems in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

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With the game’s release just a few weeks away, SEGA and RGG Studio shared more details about the four battle systems in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

As we found out during our previous hands-on with the game, Ishin will feature four battle systems much like other Yakuza games with their multiple battle styles.

And while it seems that this is a samurai game where players are limited to hacking with swords, Ryoma actually has more tools in his arsenal.

For starters, there’s the trusty Swordsman style which is essentially the base combat system. This sword-bases style is described as:

A power-oriented style with each blow dealing heavy damage. Charged attacks are also possible. While guarding, you can deflect bullets and blades. This style is easy to pick up since it excels at both offense and defense. It is especially useful in 1-on-1 battles, like showdowns with bosses for example.

Next up is the Gunman style. While samurai may be perceived by many to only use swords, in history, they have actually used guns. For this style, RGG Studio describes it as:

A style characterized by long-range shooting attacks. You can fire “special ammo” which comes with a wide variety of effects, like poison or burn. Choosing the most optimal ammo for each situation will grant you a significant advantage in battle. While you normally cannot guard against blades and bullets, equipping armor with certain effects will allow you to do so.

The third style is Wind Dancer, a versatile style that combines a sword and a gun that’s designed for fighting enemy groups. It’s described as:

Blades and firearms are woven together in this style. You can also dodge enemy attacks with dance-like movements. This style is effective when you are surrounded or facing off against large numbers of foes. By continually evading, you can put yourself in a better position or create distance between you and your enemies.

Finally, a Like a Dragon game wouldn’t be complete without good old fisticuffs, and that’s exactly what the Brawler style brings to the table.

A style that is characterized by using fists and quickness. While these attacks aren’t the hardesthitting, they pack a lot of speed. You can also pick up objects from the ground and use them during fights. Parrying while in Brawler style will activate “War Cry Counter”, granting invulnerability for a short period of time. This will allow you to focus solely on pummeling your enemies.

Like a Dragon: Ishin will be released on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC on February 22, 2023.