Zoids: Chaotic Century might be making a comeback soon

A Zoids: Chaotic Century possible revival was teased by Takara Tomy's official Zoids Twitter account, officially announcing a new project.

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Takara Tomy’s official Zoids Twitter account teased a new project, possibly involving the original Zoids: Chaotic Century anime.

The new project is part of the franchise’s 40th anniversary and teases the return of the series from the first anime, as the Tweet seen below phrases that “He’s coming back” which heavily implies that the anime’s first protagonist Van Flyheight is making a comeback. After all, the announcement is accompanied with a short video that uses footage from the original anime Zoids: Chaotic Century.   

Although it is not clear what exactly this new project i, whether it’s a sequel to the original anime series or a reboot, the implication is heavy that we will meet Van along with the rest of his friend again. The new project will come Spring this year within March to May 2023. 

Zoids: Chaotic Century first aired in Japanese television on September 4, 1999 to December 23, 2000, and it had two halves/seasons. Eventually, when the first anime ended, it was then followed by three Zoids anime series called the Zoids: New Century, Zoids Fuzors, and Zoids Genesis, all of which feature different protagonists and have no relation or connection on each others stories. All four series are set in a unspecified timeline and settings.

The franchise eventually halted producing anime and was recently revived in 2018 with the new series titled Zoids Wild. Zoids Wild also revived the series with its new toy line that features the new Zoids in the anime.