Amano Pikamee announces her Graduation after a long break

Amano Pikamee of VOMS Project announced her Graduation after her hiatus, leaving fans to speculate if it's due to the harassment she received,

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Amano Pikamee of VOMS Project announced her graduation from all VTubing activities through a video on her official Youtube Channel following a month-long hiatus.

Not long after, VOMS Project also released an official announcement regarding Pikamee and her graduation decision. It also came with additional details about what will happen with Pikamee’s channel after the graduation stream.

As stated in the video, Pikamee will have her graduation stream on March 31, 2023 (JST), and after the end of the stream, all VODS, channel memberships, and social media accounts will be private or discontinued.

As for Pikamee-related products, the VOMS Project’s permanent collection status will become “End of Sale” or will now end its production. Goods produced by Marui’s pop-up store and Pikamee-related goods produced by other manufacturers will also discontinue sales once the sale period is over, or once all stock has been sold.

Pikamee or VOMS Project did not disclose any official reason for the graduation, but many are speculating it’s due to the harassment she had received by playing Hogwarts Legacy.

It was supposed to be Pikamee’s comeback stream after a month-long hiatus, but due to toxicity and harassment in the pre-stream chat, she had decided to cancel the stream and eventually private her Twitch VODS. Whether this speculation is true or not, it is sad to hear that Amano Pikamee, the nicest kettle, will have her graduation stream by the end of the month.