SEGA Company of Heroes 3
SEGA Company of Heroes 3

    League of Legends: Clash finally arrives in Southeast Asia

    Riot Games finally added Clash to League of Legends in SEA.


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    Reunite in Seal M

    After its release in other regions a few years ago, Riot Games finally launched Clash in League of Legends for Southeast Asian countries!

    In case you’re unfamiliar, Clash is a monthly tournament in League of Legends that pits your team of five players against other teams at your skill level. The tournament matches only happen on Saturday and/or Sunday, with the more games you win, the better your prizes will be.

    Wondering why it took so long to be released in SEA? That’s likely because LoL’s publishing rights were under Garena until late last year when Riot relaunched the game in the region.

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    In case you need a better idea of how it works, here’s a quick explainer:

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    To celebrate the mode’s launch in SEA, everyone will receive a free basic entry ticket for Clash as long as they log in between February 25 and March 28. This ticket can be used for any of the upcoming tournaments.

    Meanwhile, here is the tournament schedule for the first split of the year:

      Lock-In BeginsTournament Days
    Bilgewater Cup

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    Week 1March 6March 11-12
    Week 2March 20March 25-26
    Mt. Targon CupWeek 1April 3April 8-9
    Week 2April 17April 22-23
    To Be AnnouncedWeek 1May 1May 6-7
    Week 2May 8May 13-14
    Bandle City CupWeek 1May 29June 3-4
    Week 2June 12June 17-18

    Finally, Riot Games also announced that OP.GG now supports Clash. This was made for players who have a hard time finding suitable team members for these tournaments.

    With the tournament’s launch in SEA, you can use and find the best teammates to join you in Clash!

    With OP.GG, you can search for a team member on rank, champion preference, and preferred position. You can also get other info such as win rates, KDA, along with their highest mastery Champions.

    For more info, you can visit the official Clash FAQ.

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