Needy Streamer Overload manga is now in the works

A Needy Streamer Overload manga is now in the works and will begin its serialization this March 2023 in Japan.

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A new Needy Streamer Overload Manga is now currently in the works and it will have a new title called Needy Girl Overdose: Run with My Sick.

As confirmed by Weekly Shonen Champion’s official Twitter post, Nata Okura will illustrate the new manga adaptation, with Itaru Bonnoki writing the story. Bonnoki is known for his original Manga, The Vampire Dies in No Time which will be serialized by Mangacross on March 21, 2023.

Needy Streamer Overload manga

Initially, the game received a manga anthology that was titled Needy Streamer Overload: Absolute Revolutionary Disease: Midnight Streaming Live <3 Ame-chan and P’s 100 Days of Despair,¬†with physical copies being sold back on December 23, 2022, until January 20, 2023.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Needy Streamer Overload is videogame was developed and published by WSS Playground and Xemono, and it was released on Steam way back on January 2022, with a subsequent Nintendo Switch release.

It follows the streamer Ame-chan and her manager/secret lover P-chan (the player) as they try to build a fanbase for her internet persona OMGkawaiiAngel-chan. The game features a cutesy pixel-anime-like art style and upbeat music but has dark themes about the internet tackling sensitive matters, or in Ame-chan’s case, her signs of being a Menhera.

Needy Streamer Overload has garnered lots of attention from gamers and streamers alike last year and it still has a strong following. So it’s no surprise that the game will receive a new manga adaptation.

Source: ryokutya2089 via Siliconera, Weekly Shonen Champion