SEGA Company of Heroes 3
SEGA Company of Heroes 3

    Nijisanji EN announces termination of Zaion LanZa

    Zaion LanZa of Nijisanji EN's seventh wave XSOLEIL has been terminated, effective immediately.


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    Nijisanji EN recently announced that Zaion LanZa the seventh wave XSOLEIL has been terminated effective immediately.

    Zaion’s termination was announced with a statement by ANYCOLOR Inc. which was shared on Nijisanji EN’s official Twitter account. The statement mentioned specific offenses that the talent committed which led to her termination.

    Specifically, the statement listed the following offenses:

    • Revealing internal information that can potentially cause issues for stakeholders during her stream
    • Making statements that could lead to speculation or leaking of internal information using social media accounts that she personally operates, during her activity suspension time
    • Offensive remarks regarding discrimination and sexual assault
    • Several infringements of the Rules pertaining to the use of games defined by ANYCOLOR Inc. (including intentional infringements) and repeated false justifications given to ANYCOLOR Inc. regarding these infringements
    • Expressing her will to perform streams using illegal games (also referred to as pirate games)
    • Comments that can be considered offensive to the rights holder of a game during a stream
    • Giving false information to other NIJISANJI EN Livers regarding the contents of her communications with ANYCOLOR Inc.
    • Falsely claiming to have received permission from ANYCOLOR Inc. after a viewer commented on Zaion performing an action prohibited by the Rules
    • Falsely claiming to be sponsored by a brand during a stream
    • Giving “likes” to comments falling under defamation of NIJISANJI Livers and ANYCOLOR Inc., using social media accounts that she personally operates
    • Numerous other actions and comments infringing the Contract and Rules
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    Based on the statement, the management discussed with her these infringements following her December 2022 debut. Despite their efforts, Zaion was said to not have taken these seriously and her understanding of the rules did not improve.

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    Because of this termination, all of Zaion’s accounts will be made private, and her merchandise/voice packs sales will be halted.

    While VTubers being removed from a company isn’t new, the way Nijisanji terminated Zaion LanZa is quite unprecedented. After all, most other VTubers are said to have “graduated” when they leave a company. The fact that Zaion was simply terminated meant that her offenses were incredibly serious, enough that she was let go as quickly as this.

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