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    Voltes V: Legacy to screen at SM Cinema in the Philippines this April

    Voltes V: Legacy is coming to PH cinemas ahead of its TV premiere!


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    After confirming its 2023 release back in December, it was revealed that Voltes V: Legacy will be screened at SM Cinema theaters in the Philippines this April ahead of its TV premiere.

    The Voltes V: Legacy limited theatrical release on April 19 was revealed recently by SM Cinema via its official Facebook page. This release was also revealed by GMA through a new trailer

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    Tickets for the advance cinema screening are available now at the SM Cinema website, and it seems that the screening will be available in a variety of locations.

    Based on the listing, it wasn’t revealed what exactly will be screened there. Though the screening is listed at 105 minutes. Plus, the trailer for the cinema release mentioned that fans will “experience the first three weeks” of the show.

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    This likely means the screening will preview the first three episodes of the series which makes sense if each episode is around 20 minutes in length. This also implies that Voltes V: Legacy will be released weekly instead of daily like with most other Filipino shows.

    Legacy is a live-action series based on the iconic Voltes V mecha anime which continues to be a beloved show in the Philippines. The live-action show stars the following actors:

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    • Steve Armstrong (Kenichi Go) – Miguel Tanfelix
    • Rober “Big Bert” Armstrong (Daijiro Go) – Matt Lozano
    • “Little Jon” Armstrong (Hiyoshi Go) – Raphael Landicho
    • Mark Gordon (Ippei Mine) – Radson Flores
    • Jamie Robinson (Megmui Oka) – Ysabel Ortega

    The early preview for Voltes V: Legacy will be released in SM Cinema locations beginning April 19, 2023.

    For now though, there’s no word yet on a TV release date for Voltes V: Legacy in the Philippines. But considering that at least the first three episodes are now ready, it’s likely that the series will be released soon.

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