Kobo Kanaeru of Hololive ID hits two million subscribers

Kobo Kanaeru has reached Two Million Subscibers in YouTube last week, making the Rain Shaman the most subscribed HoloID member.

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Kobo Kanaeru of HoloID Gen 3 (Hololive Indonesia) reached the Two Million subscribers milestone on YouTube last Friday, April 21, 2023.

In the lead-up to her achievement, Kobo hosted an unarchived karaoke stream where she was supposed to reach the two million mark during the middle of her singing, or during the middle of the stream.

But before she could even start the stream, she was already gaining subscribers, prompting Kobo to beg her viewers to “calm down” and let her sing first for the countdown of the milestone.

Regardless, it was inevitable for Kobo to reach the two million subscribers mark, and she officially announced it on Twitter soon after. She was then congratulated by her fellow VTubers from Hololive and other VTubers and artists with the likes of Bao the Whale, Shoto, Liliana Vampaia, and Shylily (with whom she had a collab with before).

Among the people who congratulated Kobo for her achievement and also the one that stood above all is Cover Corp’s CEO YAGOO (Tanigo Motoaki). This prompted Kobo to thank YAGOO but also jokingly ask where her Horse is that she has been wishing to get for quite some time now.

Kobo Kanaeru is part of HoloID’s 3rd GEN along with the two other members Vestia Zeta and Kaela Kovalskia who all debuted in March 2022. With Kobo reaching two million Youtube subscribers, she is the overall most subbed HoloID member to date and perhaps one of the fastest growing in terms of subscriber count as she had reached the million mark just a year ago.