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    Dragon’s Dogma 2 gets its first gameplay trailer

    Arise Arisen!


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    At the 2023 PlayStation Showcase, Capcom finally gives a significant look at the much-anticipated Dragon’s Dogma 2

    A full gameplay trailer was shown featuring the world, characters, and combat against various monsters of all sizes. 

    You can watch the trailer here:

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    Fans have long asked for a sequel to the 2012 action RPG after it gained attention with its deep and engaging combat alongside a unique social system in the form of pawns. While Dragon’s Dogma 2 was already announced last year, this will be the first time fans are shown what it’s like in action. 

    The trailer sends a clear message that Dragon’s Dogma 2 keeps everything that made the original so great intact in its core. An interesting dark-fantasy world, with fantastic creature designs, and a charming tone that adds so much personality to it all. Probably one of the most exciting parts is that this is all operating in Capcom’s excellent RE engine. 

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    Unfortunately, there is no release date announced but the game is confirmed to come to  PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.

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