Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection: ATLUS highlights Etrian Odyssey III story and classes

To further hype up the release of Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection, ATLUS shared info about the story and classes of Etrian Odyssey III.

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To further hype up the release of Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection, ATLUS shared info about the story and classes of Etrian Odyssey III.

Releasing this June, the Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection is a package featuring HD remasters of the first three Etrian Odyssey games that were released on the Nintendo DS well over a decade ago.

These remasters promise to give long-time fans an experience that’s true to the original releases, all while featuring enhancements that make them more playable, especially for JRPG fans who are new to the series.

Previously, ATLUS highlighted the second entry in the series. Now, ATLUS shared some interesting details about Etrian Odyssey III.

Etrian Odyssey III Story

Much like the Final Fantasy series (or ATLUS’ Persona to an extent), each Etrian Odyssey game features a standalone story, though the entries do share certain elements. This means you can start with any game in the collection, and if you start with the third entry, here’s what you can expect story-wise.

ATLUS describes the game’s premise as:

“South of the great continents, beyond the sea, lies the ocean city of Armoroad.

Legend has it that part of the city sunk without warning a century ago to the bottom of the ocean, taking with it untold technology that is now lost to mankind.

Intrigued by the legend, many explorers gathered in Armoroad, all hoping to challenge the undersea labyrinth. But so far, none have found the fabled sunken city.

Set sail to Armoroad to navigate the Yggdrasil Labyrinth, find the drowned city, and win fortune and glory! Find unprecedented ruins and traverse the undersea labyrinth to secure wealth and fame!”

Revamped Classes in Etrian Odyssey III HD

Similar to the first two games, Etrian Odyssey III lets players control a party of five members, with twelve Classes in total to choose from. For the third game, ATLUS revamped the Classes from the first two games. Plus, the remaster comes with new portrait, with five portraits per class being added.

Here’s a rundown of the classes in the game:


First, we have the front-line classes, including the Gladiator (offensive type), Buccaneer
(combo attacker type), Shogun (offensive/support type), and Yggdroid (balanced offensive type).

Next are the versatile classes which have flexible roles in the party. These include the Sovereign (support type), Hoplite (defensive type), Ninja (offensive/specialist type), and the Monk (healer type).

Finally, there are the four back-line classes: the Zodiac (elemental type), Wildling (summoner type), Arbalist (offensive type), and the Farmer (explorer type).

The game also features subclasses which are unlocked once you progress past a certain point in the story. When an adventurer is assigned a subclass, they will be able to learn a second set of skills. Though take note that each class can only be assigned one subclass.

For instance, you can add a combat-oriented subclass (like the Buccaneer) to the Farmer so you can take advantage of the Farmer’s navigation skill while keeping them fit for combat.

Pre-order and receive the Character Portrait DLC Set

As a bonus for fans who buy the game early, the Character Portrait DLC Set Early-Bird Bonus DLC for Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection will be given. This DLC will feature iconic characters from various ATLUS titles; from Persona’s Joker and Aigis, as well as Soul Hackers 2’s Ringo. Though take note that this DLC will be available for a limited time.

Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection will be released on the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on June 1, 2023.