Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection: What you need to know about Etrian Odyssey II

Ahead of the game's release, ATLUS recently highlighted the features of Etrian Odyssey II which is part of the Origins Collection.

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Ahead of the game’s release, ATLUS recently highlighted the features of Etrian Odyssey II which is part of the Origins Collection.

In case you missed it, ATLUS unveiled the Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection a few months ago, and it is a collection featuring HD remasters of Etrian Odyssey, Etrian Odyssey II, and Etrian Odyssey III, all of which were released in the late 2000s on the Nintendo DS.

While these remasters will play exactly like the original versions, they do come with various quality-of-life improvements such as more difficulty options, auto-mapping, and more. They also feature high-definition graphics that should make them look more modern — great news for both new players and for long-time series fans.

ATLUS previously highlighted the first game, and now, more new details about Etrian Odyssey II and its HD remaster were shared.

First, game’s premise is described as:

“In the far reaches of the northern continent lies High Lagaard.

Legends say that there is a floating castle beyond Yggdrasil, the tree at the heart of the city.

One day, a massive, labyrinthine dungeon containing mysterious ruins and unknown plants and animals was discovered inside Yggdrasil.

High Lagaard’s Duke traveled to every corner of the continent in order to investigate the Labyrinth and uncover the truth behind the floating castle.

Discover the secrets behind the Labyrinth and a legend about a flying castle!

The stage is set for a brand new adventure in High Lagaard.”

As for gameplay, Etrian Odyssey II lets players command a party of five members with twelve classes in total. Aside from the enhanced portraits, there are also three brand-new classes that join the nine previous classes from the original release version.

Specifically, these are the Gunner which specializes in long-range attacks, the War Magus which heals allies and damages enemies with shamanic powers, and the Beast which can protect and heal other team members.

Each of the classes have Force Skills that don’t need TP (or mana) to be used. Instead, players can use these when the character’s Force gauge is maxed out, whether through attacking, using skills, or taking damage.

As with the first game, Etrian Odyssey II is a dungeon-crawler RPG. Here, players must explore the Labyrinth which is filled with various traps that can harm players, including traps and obstacle. Though by activating some of these, players can unlock new paths.

Of course, traps aren’t the only things in the Labyrinth as there are also a bevy of secrets and rewards. Plus, there are many locations that can assist players such as an inn, the Explorer’s Guild, various shops, and more.

Pre-order and receive the Character Portrait DLC Set

The Character Portrait DLC Set Early-Bird Bonus DLC for Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection will also be available to those who buy the game early, and it allows players to change the appearances of their adventurers to those of beloved ATLUS characters. These include iconic characters from Persona such as Joker and Aigis. This is a free DLC that will be available for a limited time though.

Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection will be released on the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on June 1, 2023.