SMITE x VShojo collab event announced with former members

The SMITE x VShojo Collab Event was announced featuring six of VTubers from VShojo, including former members who went indie.

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Just a few weeks after hearing big news from VShojo, here comes another big news from the VTuber company as SMITE revealed that they’ll be collaborating with VShojo for a special crossover, the SMITE x VShojo collab. Featuring six of their VTuber talents, including the final appearance of their former talents as VTubers under their agency.

Titan Forge Games and Hi-Rez Studios announced the special collaboration with VShojo via SMITE’s official Twitter account, sharing the trailer for the upcoming event. As stated earlier, six VTubers from VShojo will appear in SMITE as cosmetics for existing playable Gods namely; Ironmouse as Persophone, Nyanners as Serqet, Silvervale as Skadi, Kson as Nemesis, Apricot (Froot) as Izanami, and Veibae as Nu Va.

The skins will not only change the Gods’ appearance with their respective VTubers but will also have an aesthetic change with their abilities, as seen with Ironmouse summoning what appears to be a Zombie Connor (CDawgVA). On top of that, as confirmed from the trailer, all six skins will be fully voiced by the VTuber talents themselves. SMITE will reveal more details about their collaboration with VShojo at a later date on their Twitch channel.

SMITE’s announcement came in as a huge surprise since it was just a week ago when Silvervale, Veibae, and Nyanners announced that they’ll be parting ways with VShojo and will continue their activities as Indie VTubers. This fact was also acknowledged by SMITE through a follow-up Twitter post.

SMITE x VShojo collab

Their participation in this crossover may have been agreed upon long before the three VTubers decided not to renew their contract with their agency, considering that they have recorded a full in-game voice. Regardless, fans definitely won’t want to miss this opportunity to collect all six skins.

The SMITE x VShojo collab event will appear in the game’s version 10.5 update, while SMITE the game is currently available for the PC, PS4, XBOX One, and Nintendo Switch for free.