Silvervale and Veibae leave VShojo and go indie

Silvervale and Veibae leaves their VTubing agency VShojo after they decided not to renew their contracts but will continue their activities.

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VTubers Silvervale and Veibae left VShojo after deciding not to renew their contracts and decided to go indie.

The two talents also reiterated that they won’t be joining any agencies, nor did they decide to leave at the same time; the timing of the announcement of their departure was just purely coincidental. They also reminded their audiences to not make too much speculation about their departure as they simply didn’t want to continue their contracts with VShojo.

But despite the two leaving VShojo, the two talents will keep their identities as Silvervale and Veibae, and they will continue their activities as their VTuber personas, but this time as indie talents.

This is an arrangement that is outside the norm compared to other VTubing companies such as Hololive or Nijisanji as they hold the intellectual property of the talent’s VTuber persona. A similar agreement was also practiced by the now-defunct English VTuber agency Cyberlive/Aetheria.

VShojo bills itself as “Talents First” and lets its Talents have creative freedom during their streams while providing the necessary resources needed by their Talents. They also let other existing VTubers join their group, with the most prominent example being KSon and later they were joined by Haruka Karibu.

Silvervale was one of VShojo’s founding members along with other VTubers Projekt Melody, Ironmouse, Nyatasha Nyanners, Zentreya, Froot, and Hime Hajime back in 2022. They were then joined by Veibae in 2021.