Mega Man X DiVE Offline version announced by Capcom

The Mega Man X DiVE Offline version was announced by Capcom during their digital showcase featuring both classic and new characters,

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Capcom announced during their Digital Showcase event that they will release an offline version of their Mega Man X DiVE mobile game called Mega Man X DiVE Offline, and it will be released this year for the PC and mobile devices.

This reveal was just a few days after their recent announcement of the end of service of their online version of Mega Man/Rock Man X DiVE for the Asia servers. In case you missed it, the Asia servers will shut down in September 2023.

This “offline” version will feature the same gameplay as its online counterpart but will have a bigger roster of characters to play, including new characters that were not included in the original game. Characters can be unlocked by completing stages and using Element Metals that can be used to recover memory pieces. Once you have collected enough memory pieces, a new character will join you on your journey. There will be over 900 stages at release, played in a side-scrolling style like the classic Mega Man X games.

Mega Man X DiVE (Online) was initially released on Asia for the iOS and Android devices back in 2020, it was then released for US and EU in November 2021. A PC version was also released through Steam back in 2021 for all territories.

Following the news of Mega Man X DiVE Asia, or rather Rock Man X DiVE shutting down its servers, the Mega Man X DiVE for EU/US servers will still operate indefinitely.

Mega Man X DiVE Offline will be available for the PC, Android, and iOS sometime this year.