Rock Man X DiVE announces end of service for its Asia servers

Rock Man X DiVE will end its service in Asia this September, though Mega Man X DiVE mobile will remain online indefinitely in other regions.

The mobile game Rock Man X DiVE, or Mega Man X DiVE, announced its end of service last Wednesday via its official Twitter and official website.

The smartphone game that was based on Capcom’s ever-popular Mega Man Man X series (Rock Man X) will close its servers on September 27, 2023, at 13:00 JST.

Following this announcement, players will not be able to buy all direct-to-purchase in-game products, such as Element Metal as they will be removed from the game. Refunds or “treatment” of the remaining paid Element Metals will be announced at a later date. 

Rock Man X DiVE also published a video on their Youtube channel thanking the players who played the game.

Since its initial release on March 2020, the game operated for three years on Android and iOS, as well as PC via Steam. But before it permanently closes its doors, the developers will commence special events for players to enjoy such as: 

  • Daily logins will earn you Elemental Metal Supply Box and Dark Code Coin
  • True. Favorite Capsule Introduced. (One free draw per day that guarantees an S-rank character)
  • Armaments Factory events will be held regularly and Redeemable weapons will no longer rotate with limited weapons also being added to the pool.
  • Dark Code Store event will be held regularly
  •  The amount of Dark Code Coins from Dark Code Capsules will be increased significantly.

But it is also important to note that the “Mega Man X DiVE Mobile” for the NA, EU, LATAM, and KR servers will continue their services and will remain open indefinitely. This was confirmed through a Twitter post stating that this version is a separate game, thus allowing them to continue their services. 

Mega Man X DiVE/Rock Man X DiVE is an official mobile game by Capcom based on the Megaman X series. It features characters from the said Mega Man title, including its main characters X and Zero.

The mobile game also featured crossovers from different Capcom games, including Devil May Cry and Monster Hunter. Rock Man X DiVE will end its service, but still, it’s free to download on all mobile app platforms and Steam for the PC.