Armored Core VI: No penalties for buying and selling parts, says FromSoftware

Experiment with various AC Builds with ease!

Armored Core VI has AC Customization as part of its core gameplay mechanic as the best way to build the appropriate mech for every scenario the game throws at you. For those of you who were wondering if constantly changing your build is the best way to get over these challenges, FromSoftware has revealed that the game’s in-game shop system supports this kind of approach as you can buy and sell parts for the same price.

AC6 is the first Armored Core title to come out in over a decade. Coupling that with the fact that this game is made by FromSoftware, the same people who made Elden Ring (heralded as Game of the Year during The Game Awards 2022), there are potentially a lot of players who will be experiencing Armored Core for the very first time. In true FromSoftware fashion, this game will also be featuring a steep learning curve and difficult enemies.

The biggest difference between AC6 and the typical Soulsborne title is that, with Armored Core, you “git gud” via AC Customization. Rather than just simply learning enemy attack patters, AC6 encourages that you build your way out of your problems. Do you need something light and fast to dodge through your foes, even allowing you to get close enough to strike them down with powerful melee attacks? Or would you rather gun them down from afar with strong artillery fire? Or maybe you’re better off equipping frog-like legs to your AC so you can jump around with ease allowing you to outmaneuver your opponents? These are all done through AC6’s robust Customization System.

A lot of the parts you mix and match for your AC builds though are acquired via the game’s store which made some people think that changing builds every scenario may be an expensive option especially in the early game. In an interview session with the SEA gaming press, Armored Core 6 Director Masaru Yamamura revealed just how easy it would be to customize your AC via the campaign missions and the in-game shop.

Of course, we’ve tried to balance the mission flow and including training missions between these campaign missions to give the player the weapons that they will need”, said Yamamura. “Although, [players will] have enough to choose from just by playing through the main missions. They’ll get some unique weapons as well. To the more frugal and experimental player, there’s actually no penalty to selling your parts and weapons at all. So if you try something out and it doesn’t work, you can just sell it back for full price and buy something else. So we hope players like this encourages players to experiment with assembly a bit more.

This is great news as AC6 missions will feature some really difficult fights and, rather than you throwing yourself at the problem and hoping you’ll eventually learn and do better eventually, Armored Core is all about creating the right AC for the right problem. Being able to just buy and sell parts without any penalty from the store will definitely make Armored Core VI Customization easier and allow players to be as creative as they want with their solutions.

Of course, if you’re the type who wants to NOT SELL and just always have all the possible parts at the ready, Armored Core 6 also features a stage replay function that earns you currency every time you complete them. So, if you’re the type who just wants to buy out the store at all times, Yamamura-san confirms that “you may need to replay a couple of missions here and there to earn enough money to do that.”

Armored Core releases on August 25, 2023 for the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

Check out the gameplay trailer here!