Final Fantasy 16 voice actor does a perfect Clive cosplay

Clive's voice actor shared this incredibly good cosplay!

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There have been many cosplays since the game’s release, but this Final Fantasy 16 cosplay of Clive is easily one of the best, and it’s done by the game’s voice actor!

Recently, Clive’s German dub voice actor Vincent Fallow shared a cosplay photoshoot of himself as the protagonist of FF16’s protagonist. We don’t know about you, but this might just be one of the most accurate cosplays we’ve seen of Clive.

Aside from impressive details on his weapon and outfit, Fallow also looks a lot like Clive in this Final Fantasy cosplay photoshoot. It also helps that it was shot well in a nice location.

Check out the shots of Fallow as Clive here:

From the looks of it, this is an official cosplay that’s made in partnership with Square Enix as it was also shared on the game’s official social media page. There, it was detailed that the cosplay shoot is made with the help of the following: Tingilya Cosplay for creating the costume, Kami Zero for makeup, and eosAndy for photography.

This isn’t the only impressive FF16 cosplay that we’ve seen though as there’s also the excellent Jill Warrick cosplay by renowned Filipino cosplayer, Alodia Gosiengfiao. Check it out here:

Alodia brings Final Fantasy 16’s Jill Warrick to life in this stunning cosplay

Final Fantasy 16 is out now on the PS5. And if you have yet to play the game, check out our review.