Alodia brings Final Fantasy 16’s Jill Warrick to life in this stunning cosplay

This might look like Valisthea, but it's actually Tanay, Rizal.

One of the Philippines’ most renowned cosplayers, Alodia Gosiengfiao brought Jill Warrick to life in this stunning Final Fantasy 16 cosplay shoot.

This cosplay photoshoot was uploaded a few days ago on Alodia’s social media pages, and it was done to celebrate the launch of the long-awaited next entry in the Final Fantasy series, in partnership with PlayStation Asia.

It’s fair to say that this rendition of Jill Warrick, the Dominant of Shiva, is quite a stunner as the costume is seriously detailed. In fact, Alodia’s overall look captures the character well, not to mention that the backdrop looks straight out of Valisthea.

Though instead of traveling to a whole entire world, this cosplay shoot was taken along the Tinipak River in Daraitan at Tanay, Rizal.

Eagle-eyed cosplay fans in the Philippines might not be too surprised though considering that Rizal has areas that are go-tos for Pinoy cosplayers.

Aside from some impressive photos, Alodia also shared behind-the-scenes videos of the shoot which you can watch here:

This impressive shoot reminds us of last year when Alodia also shared a photoshoot that’s just as good where she portrayed Ranni the Witch from Elden Ring.

As for Final Fantasy 16, aside from this impressive Jill cosplay, Alodia will also stream the game on June 30 on her official page.

Final Fantasy 16 is out now exclusively on the PS5. If you haven’t played it yet and need more convincing, check out our review here:

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