RGG Studio shares interview with Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi for Like a Dragon Gaiden

Yamaguchi plays Yuki Tsuruno, captain of the Watase Family in the Omi Alliance.

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After the interview with Yasukaze Motomiya, RGG Studio shared a new Like a Dragon Gaiden interview, this time with Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi.

In the upcoming Like a Dragon series spinoff, Yamaguchi plays Yuki Tsuruno, a major player in the Omi Alliance of Sotenbori. The interview sees Yamaguchi share his excitement about being cast in the role, as well as mention some of the qualities that he shares with his character in the game.

You can watch the new Like a Dragon Gaiden interview with Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi here:

Yamguchi’s character, Yuki Tsuruno, is a captain of the Watase Family, an Omi Alliance subsidiary. Given his status as a Captain of a major family, Tusurno will likely be an important figure in the game.

Though what his exact role in the game will be has yet to be revealed, the fact that he’s an Omi Alliance member will mean he’ll cross paths with Kiryu, possibly as an enemy. After all, the Omi Alliance has long been a major force in the previous games in the series. Though at times, Omi Alliance members are allies, they’re usually foes that Kiryu must face.

Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name will release on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. on November 9, 2023.