Scissorman returns in an updated version of Clock Tower

An underrated gem finally returns for a Western audience.

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Scissorman returns in an updated version of Clock Tower coming to consoles, PC.

Yes, you heard that right. Clock Tower – a survival horror classic back in the Super Famicom era returns for a Western audience (finally!).

Clock Tower was an underrated gem back in the 16-bit era and was considered as one of the pioneers in the genre. Thanks to fan translations, the game got a second wind back in the early 2000’s and gained popularity for its unique gameplay mechanics and scary atmosphere. It really took “survival horror” seriously as a good chunk of the time you were solving puzzles while trying to run and outsmart Scissorman, the main antagonist of the game. Don’t expect a rocket launcher here.


Check out the trailer below:


About the game:

This enhanced version of the original 16-bit Clock Tower marks the first time this terrifying initial adventure in the popular horror series will officially be translated and released in North America and Europe.

Originally released on Super Famicom in 1995 in Japan, Clock Tower traps players in the haunting confines of the Barrows family manor, where they’ll be pursued by Scissorman, a murderous, shears-wielding psychopath. As teenage orphan Jennifer Simpson, players will use a point-and-click interface to explore the mansion and search every disturbing corner to find items, reveal secrets, and discover ways to survive Scissorman’s assaults. Without any offensive capabilities, Jennifer must rely on her wits and resourcefulness if she has any hope of escaping with her life and earning one of the game’s multiple endings. A tense atmosphere, chilling sound effects, detailed 2D animations, and randomized elements to maximize replayability demonstrate why Clock Tower is considered a groundbreaking pioneer in the survival-horror genre.

Harnessing the power of Limited Run Games’ Carbon Engine, this new edition of Clock Tower retains the authentic gameplay, graphics, and sound of the original version while also adding modern features and enhancements. These include a new vocal theme song performed by Mary McGlynn (Silent Hill series), a new animated opening, motion-comic cutscenes before and after the game, a bonus art gallery, border artwork, save states, multiple language options, and more.

Clock Tower will be published digitally in North America and Europe by WayForward, followed by a physical version that will be offered on select platforms by Limited Run Games. Further details, including information on the physical preorder window, will be announced at a later date. For the latest news, please visit and, and follow @wayforward and @limitedrungames on social media.

Key Features

  • A survival-horror classic, officially translated and brought out of Japan for the first time.
  • Run, hide, and survive as you attempt to evade the psychotic Scissorman.
  • Atmospheric 2D art, detailed animations, and haunting sound effects.
  • Multiple endings and randomized gameplay elements maximize replayability (and jump scares).
  • New animated opening, motion-comic cutscenes, and vocal theme song performed by Mary McGlynn.
  • Art gallery, save states, and other modern enhancements.


Though Resident Evil got the ball rolling with the survival horror genre, along with Alone in the Dark, I would consider one of the true pioneers back in the day.

Clock Tower will launch in early 2024 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo  Switch, and PC via Steam.

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