Uniqlo announces a Chainsaw Man UT collection

Fingers crossed that we get Makima tees.

Yes, you read that right: Uniqlo announced that a Chainsaw Man UT collection will be released soon, likely featuring designs based on the anime that was released last year.

This upcoming collaboration was revealed on the Uniqlo website and also shared by the official CSM Twitter account. The collection’s official page on the website featured a teaser video that shows Denji in his hybrid form along with the Uniqlo logo.

You can check it out here:

Based on the teaser, and the fact that it has the UT logo on the website, this new collection will feature a selection of graphic tees. This should come as no surprise to many, especially considering that Uniqlo constantly releases anime and manga-inspired tees every year. For instance, there’s the recent CLAMP collection, then there are the Spy x Family and Makoto Shinkai shirts from last year.

Chainsaw Man being the next Uniqlo collaboration is no surprise, after all, other Shonen Jump titles have also gotten the UT treatment such as My Hero Academia and Jujutsu Kaisen. Though it is surprising to see it just be revealed now instead of when it was still airing.

For now, the designs in the collab have not been revealed yet, though we expect to see them be shown off soon.

Haven’t seen Chainsaw Man yet? You can watch the anime’s first season right now on Netflix in the Philippines and other selected countries.