ASUS Vivobook 15X OLED: The Smart Partner for Work and Play

The new ASUS Vivobook 15X OLED is a great fit for both your work and entertainment needs.

When it comes to buying a new laptop, it’s important to be smart when selecting your next device. After all, while there are many great laptop options, not every model will fit your needs.

For instance, while a gaming laptop will undoubtedly be powerful, most aren’t exactly portable. Meanwhile, there are lots of premium ultraportable options as well, though they can be overkill, especially for a student or a young working professional.

If you need a laptop that can keep pace with all your professional or school needs while being a great entertainment partner during your downtime, look no further than the ASUS Vivobook 15X OLED.

This latest Vivobook from ASUS has all the bells and whistles you’ll need from a premium laptop, including a high-res OLED display, a capable processor, and a slim design. Thanks to these, the Vivobook 15X OLED is a smart choice as it’s a definite do-it-all device.

Though if you need more convincing, here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect with the latest entry in the Vivobook line.

Smooth Productivity with the New Ryzen 7 7730U Processor

While it may not be the first thing you’ll see in a laptop, its processor is arguably one of the most important things in any notebook. After all, a processor can make or break a laptop, as a slow one will be infuriating to use for your work needs.

Thankfully, the new Vivobook 15X OLED features a Ryzen 7 7730U, a processor released just this year designed to deliver good performance in thin and light form-factor laptops. Thanks to this, the Vivobook 15X OLED should be a great partner for daily work tasks, be it working on spreadsheets, presentations, documents, and more. Plus, it should have enough power for some light photo and video editing for your social media sharing needs.

Plus, this new Ryzen processor should also deliver long battery life; after all, Ryzen mobile CPUs are known for being quite power efficient. This, coupled with the new Vivobook’s 50Wh battery, should mean the 15X OLED can easily last for hours of work.

Your All-in-One Entertainment Partner

Once you’re done with work, you’ll be happy to know that the display on the Vivobook 15X OLED is excellent. That’s because the laptop has a 15.6-inch FHD OLED screen which is not only PANTONE Validated (for your creative work needs) but also DisplayHDR True Black. This means the laptop’s display should get plenty bright and dark as needed for watching movies and shows in HDR.

Even though the screen is designed for an optimal working experience thanks to its TÜV Rheinland certification for low blue light and flicker-free operation, the display very much shines when watching movies and TV series. That’s because its HDR capability, coupled with the vibrant colors of an OLED panel, makes for an excellent binge-watching screen.

Of course, a screen is just one factor for binge-watching, as audio is also hugely important. Thankfully, ASUS does not skimp out in this aspect as the laptop features DTS Audio Processing, giving its speakers a louder sound with deeper bass. Of course, if needed, the Vivobook 15X OLED has a full I/O suite, including a 3.5mm headphone and mic combo jack for connecting headphones or external speakers. Of course, this can be done wirelessly, too, via Bluetooth.

Smart, Clean Design

It’s one thing for a laptop to look good and another to be functional. In this aspect, the Vivobook 15X OLED smartly mixes both, as it has a striking metallic finish and features ASUS’ Antimicrobial Guard treatment.

Without getting too bogged down in specifics, ASUS developed its ASUS Antimicrobial Guard treatment for laptops that has been shown to inhibit the growth of bacteria by over 99% in 24 hours. With this, users will need to worry less about spreading harmful bacteria via contact with the laptop.

How does it work? Well, the treatment is done by a Silver Ion coating on the laptop’s surface. This coating features positively charged silver ions that can pierce through bacteria cells so that they are inhibited from reproducing. This has also been tested according to the ISO 22196 standard, meaning spreading germs isn’t as big of a worry as with other laptops – important given how surprisingly dirty laptops and other personal devices can get.

Maximum Portability

Along with the smart antimicrobial coating, the laptop also has an incredibly portable size. Specifically, the laptop is only 1.6kg in weight – impressive for a laptop with a 15.6-inch display.

You also won’t need to worry about the hassle of bringing the laptop with you size-wise. That’s because the notebook has a small footprint despite the large screen, thanks to its thin side bezels. In fact, the laptop has an 84.3-% screen-to-body ratio.

As a bonus, ASUS says that this laptop is incredibly durable as it passes the US MIL-STD 810H durability. While this standard is usually synonymous with the ASUS TUF gaming lineup, the newest Vivobook also passes this standard, meaning it was able to survive a variety of tests such as shock, vibration, altitude, temperature, solar radiation, and all sorts of tests. Given this, you won’t need to worry about the laptop when it comes to handling any professional’s day-to-day needs.

A Bevy of Smart Features

Along with the impressive design, display, and performance of the Vivobook 15X OLED, this new ASUS notebook also has a wide range of smart features that promise to enhance its everyday usability, security, and more.

For instance, the laptop features ASUS AISense real-time webcam image optimization coupled with two-way AI noise-canceling technology. This combination promises to enhance the overall quality of video calls, perfect for your next online meeting.

Next, the new Vivobook has a bevy of security-related features. To start, it has a physical webcam shutter which adds an extra layer of security in case your webcam gets compromised. You also won’t have to worry about anyone snooping around your files as it has a secure fingerprint sensor on the touchpad for easy device security.

Plus, the laptop has a USB-C Easy Charge that allows users to charge from compatible power banks. And if you use a compatible fast charger, the laptop can reach up to 60% in just under an hour – perfect if you need a quick top-up.

ASUS Vivobook 15X OLED: Price and Availability in the Philippines

Thanks to its capable Ryzen 7 7730U processor and excellent 15.6-inch FHD OLED, the new Vivobook 15X OLED is the smart match for all your productivity and entertainment needs. On top of this, the laptop also features a bevy of other smart features, including the ASUS Antimicrobial Guard treatment to keep the laptop clean, not to mention that it has a range of optimization features for optimal voice calls/online meetings. Plus, the laptop has an impressively portable form factor, given its display size.

Though the best part is the new Vivobook is available in the Philippines with a starting price of only PHP 45,995. Thanks to this, the latest Vivobook model is a smart purchase as your new daily partner.

As a bonus, the laptop is also part of ASUS’ Cool for School campaign, which you can find out more about here.

For more info on the Vivbook 15X OLED, visit the official ASUS website. You can also visit this page to find out all the ASUS authorized stores where you can buy the new Vivobook. For online purchases, you can also buy the laptop at the official ASUS online store.

Finally, visit the official ASUS Facebook page for the latest on this exciting new laptop.