Mega Man X DiVE Offline launches September 1

The offline version of the Mega Man X DiVE mobile game is coming next week.

Capcom announced that they will release an offline version of their Mega Man X DiVE mobile game, called Mega Man X DiVE Offline on September 1. The game will be priced at $29.99 usd and will be available for Steam, iOS via App Store, and Android via Google Play.

Check out the game’s trailer below:


About the game:

The newest entry in the hit action series Mega Man X makes its way to Steam and smartphones!

Strengthen your characters and weapons with a variety of powerups to make them all your own. Then test them out in the side-scrolling action of “what-if” worlds in Mega Man X!


Game data from various games is stored in the Cyberworld region of Deep Log. An unknown bug has caused the game data for Mega Man X to become corrupted.

It’s up to you, the player, to follow the guidance of RiCO, a Navigator who’s appeared out of nowhere. You’re going to “DiVE” into the world of Deep Log and figure out what’s going on!

Take control of Hunter Programs based on X, Zero, and other Hunters, to defeat Maverick data and repair the game!


  • X – A member of the 17th Elite Unit of the Maverick Hunters, a peacekeeping organization that captures and destroys rogue Reploids called Mavericks. X, a kindhearted Reploid who dislikes fighting, remains a B-Class Hunter with unbelievable untapped potential…
  • Zero – X’s comrade and best friend. He is a skilled Special A-Class Hunter, and his resolute and unwavering demeanor aid him as leader of the 0th Special Unit.
  • Alia – A Navigator who supports X and the other Maverick Hunters from behind the scenes. Her superior analytical skills help her assess any situation and find a solution, making her an invaluable ally.
  • Axl – A new-generation Reploid prototype who defected from the Red Alert vigilante group and joined the Maverick Hunters.
  • Vile – A former Maverick Hunter of the 17th Elite Unit. He was a capable Special A-Class Hunter, but due to an irregularity in his circuits, his violent tendencies became unchecked.
  • Iris – The younger sister of Colonel, an officer in the Repliforce. She began to fall for Zero after he saved her life. She does all she can to stop her brother and Zero from fighting…
  • Sigma – The former leader of X’s 17th Elite Unit of the Maverick Hunters. Dr. Cain’s greatest creation and the strongest Reploid, he is hellbent on wiping out humanity to create a utopia for all Reploid-kind.


  • Weapons and Armor – Power weapons up to your max player level! Rank up to unlock more skills and powerup options! Equip armor to boost your defense, HP, and other stats! As you increase your player level, the armor you can equip changes, allowing you to equip even stronger armor.
  • DiVE Trigger (Super Attack) – Your DiVE Trigger is a super attack you can use only once on each stage. Use it when you’re in a pinch! You can power up the attack and increase its rank with exclusive materials, increasing stats and damage!
  • Story Mode – The main game mode in which you complete stages and progress through the story. Earn experience points to increase your player level, and obtain materials needed to cultivate your characters and weapons!
  • Challenge Mode – Test your mettle as you climb the Jakob Orbital Elevator and complete difficult stages. There’s also a Time Attack where you can compete for the best times!
  • Event Mode – Here, you’ll find story stages and original sub-story stages based on Mega Man Battle Network, Mega Man Legends, and other Mega Man games. Complete stages to obtain character-data fragments and other level-up items! If you really want to cultivate your character, complete the “DIVE Trigger enhancement,” “Zenny,” “Armor Enhancement,” and “EXP” stages for specialized powerup items!


Mega Man X DiVE Offline version announced by Capcom