New Riot game servers are coming to the Philippines

New Riot game servers for League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics have launched.

If you’re someone who plays Riot games in the Philippines (and honestly, who hasn’t at this point?), then you’re about to get a much smoother online experience. New Riot game servers for League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics have already been launched earlier this January across Southeast Asia with which the studio has since been continuously optimizing and improving. 

For League of Legends, a ping that’s below 60ms is already an ideal experience. Following the launch of the new Riot game servers earlier this year, the latency in the Philippines clocks at an average of 40-50ms. A great number but something that can definitely be better. 

Riot Games TFT

Riot Games has been collecting a lot of local player feedback on how their games play online. The studio has confirmed that they’re working with local companies to install Riot game servers in Manila for LoL and TFT. This will enable players to reach average ping speeds of 15-25ms in the Philippines. Notable connection improvements will be felt across the country but those who live in central Manila can experience pings under 15ms. 

Installment, checking, and tests have already begun. Players can expect to experience better online connections starting sometime in the middle of August onwards. One of the best parts about this is that no server downtime and extra steps from the players are needed. You’ll just log in one day and see that your LoL and TFT online games are so much more responsive. 

You can visit Riot Games Philippines’ official Facebook and Instagram accounts for more updates.