OPPO launches the Reno10 Pro 5G, a Portrait Photography Expert and more

The Reno10 Pro 5G is OPPO's impressive new Portrait Photography Expert!

After the lineup’s initial reveal, OPPO finally launched the new Reno10 Series 5G in the Philippines, and it is no doubt its most exciting Reno lineup yet. After all, the new Reno10 Series 5G devices are the new Portrait Photography Experts that pack premium features that are a first for the family.

Now, we’re taking a look at the OPPO Reno10 Pro 5G, a smartphone that truly deserves the Pro in its name thanks to its impressive combination of features, including a powerful Telephoto Portrait Camera – a first for the Reno series – that’s a game-changer in its class. This is thanks to its 47mm equivalent focal length that gives it more natural-looking portraits.

Of course, while the Reno10 Pro 5G is a true Portrait Photography Expert, there’s a lot more to this phone as it promises a Pro-level experience, all at a price tag that won’t break the bank.

Portrait Photography Expert and More

To start, the Reno10 Pro 5G has a 32MP IMX709 Telephoto Portrait Camera that’s no doubt the highlight of its triple rear shooter setup. Thanks to this, the phone can take portraits both in daytime and at night, complete with a beautiful bokeh effect. As a bonus, these portrait effects can be adjusted with bokeh flare and foreground bokeh so you can truly flex your creative photography muscles.

What’s also unique about the Reno10 Pro 5G is that its Telephoto Portrait Camera has a 47mm equivalent focal length. In case you’re unfamiliar, most pro photographers use a 50mm focal length lens to take portraits as this focal length is the most natural-looking.

Because of the 47mm equivalent focal length of the Pro, the phone can capture natural-looking portraits, especially when put up against competing devices. After all, a portrait photo is more than just the bokeh effect as it should also capture the subject in the most natural way possible.

Aside from the portrait-focused Telephoto Camera, the phone also has an impressive 50MP Ultra-Clear Main Camera with a 1/1.56-inch large IMX890 flagship sensor and 4-in-1, 2.0μm-sized pixels. To put it simply, the phone’s main camera is able to take high-resolution and high-quality photos, both in daytime and at night.

As a bonus, the main shooter also supports OIS and All Pixel Omni-Direction PDAF to improve stability and correct minor shakes. With this, you won’t have to worry about blurry photos at night or shaky videos.

Rounding out the triple rear shooter setup is a 112° 8MP Ultra Wide-angle Camera. This adds an extra layer of flexibility, especially if you need to capture more of a scene. After all, having a wider field of view lets you capture even better landscape photos as you can fit more of a scene into the frame.

Finally, OPPO did not skimp on the phone’s front camera as the Reno10 Pro 5G has a 32MP selfie camera with an IMX709 sensor. Thanks to this, the phone can capture high-quality selfies. What’s more is that it supports AF autofocus in all lighting and enhanced autofocus, meaning selfies will be sharp and in focus, no matter the lighting condition.

Eye-catching Design with a Flagship-level Display

Design-wise, the Reno10 Pro 5G does not disappoint as it has an eye-catching finish, especially in the striking Glossy Purple colorway with its metallic purple hue. The phone also comes in a Silvery Gray colorway for those who want a more sleek and subtle daily driver. Aside from being eye-catching design-wise, the phone’s signature OPPO Glow finish means it’s scratch resistant even without a case. Plus, the back won’t leave any smudge marks if you use it thanks to the fingerprint resistant finish.

What’s more is that the phone is only 7.89 mm thick, and it comes with a 3D Curved Design that makes it both durable and feel great to hold in your hand.

The phone’s eye-catching look isn’t just for its design though. OPPO also packed the phone with a large 6.7-inch OLED 3D Curved Screen. Thanks to the vibrant colors and deep blacks of the OLED panel, coupled with the slim bezels (with a 93% screen-to-body ratio), the Reno10 Pro 5G is an excellent partner for binge-watching your favorite movies and shows.

As a bonus, the screen comes with AGC Dragontrail Star 2 cover glass that provides up to 20% improved drop resistance compared to Corning Gorilla Glass 5. With this, you won’t have to worry about damage, though the phone does come with a case inside the box for extra protection.

Performance for Gaming and Productivity

When it comes to performance, the Reno10 Pro 5G promises to not disappoint as it is powered by a Snapdragon 778G 5G SoC that’s paired with 12GB of RAM. On top of the 12GB of RAM, the phone also has OPPO’s expanded RAM tech that allows it to borrow some space from the internal storage to use as memory. With this, the phone is guaranteed to be fast and snappy, even when switching between apps or having lots of apps in the background.

Thanks to this setup, the phone should be able to run all of today’s popular games with ease. And to ensure a great gaming experience, the phone has the Game Engine software that turns on while playing which further optimizes the phone’s performance for smoother frame rates.

If you love playing competitive titles, you’ll be happy to know that the phone’s mobile platform comes with 5G connectivity, meaning you can enjoy high speeds on mobile data for downloading game updates, as well as low latency connectivity for a better gaming experience.

Given its gaming performance, the Reno10 Pro 5G also won’t disappoint for productivity. With its SoC and memory combo, the phone should be able to handle everyday work tasks and content creation workloads (such as editing videos while on the go) without breaking a sweat.

Blazing Fast Charging

Cameras, display, and performance aren’t the only areas that OPPO is innovating on with the Reno10 Pro 5G. This is because this new Reno device features 80W SUPERVOOC flash charging technology

Thanks to this, the Reno10 Pro 5G can get to full charge in just 28 minutes. That’s faster than any previous device, not to mention that it also outdoes even flagship smartphones that are nearly double the price. This makes the phone a perfect partner for users who use their phone heavily, or for those who forget to charge their phone the night before.

Even with the fast-charging capability, users won’t need to worry about battery longevity as the phone has OPPO’s exclusive Battery Health Engine for its 4,600mAh battery. With this, the battery’s effective lifespan can be extended to as many as 1,600 charge and discharge cycles – enough to keep the battery healthy for four years. What’s even more impressive is that this is double the industry standard when it comes to battery health, with many phones only retaining proper battery health for two years.

OPPO Reno10 Pro 5G – Price and Pre-orders in the Philippines

Thanks to its excellent 32MP IMX709 Telephoto Portrait Camera, the Reno10 Pro 5G is no doubt a must-have for users who want a phone that’s perfect for Portrait Photography. But that’s not all there is to the Pro as the phone also has three more impressive cameras, a quality OLED display, a striking design, great performance, and innovative flash charge tech.

The best part is, despite the Reno10 Pro 5G having flagship-level looks and features, the phone is priced at just PHP 29,999 – that’s almost half the price of other flagships.

So, if you’re in the market for a phone with no compromises with a price tag that’s much easier on the wallet than an expensive flagship, look no further than the Reno10 Pro 5G.

The OPPO Reno10 Pro 5G is available for pre-order now for PHP 29,999. Each pre-order comes with a free pair of OPPO Enco Buds2 (worth PHP 1999).

Pre-orders are available now at the official OPPO stores on Shopee and Lazada.

Finally, the phone will also be available via Credit Card and Home Credit installment payments with 0% interest.