The vivo Y36: Here’s why it’s a great partner for content creators

Thanks to its nifty cameras and premium design, the vivo Y36 is a compelling match for aspiring content creators.

Recently, vivo launched the Y36 in the Philippines, a new mid-range smartphone that packs a lot of nifty features, all at a price tag that won’t break the bank.

When it was unveiled, the phone’s main highlight was its smooth and seamless performance which makes it a reliable partner for everyday use, not to mention a nice device for playing today’s popular FPS and MOBA titles.

The vivo Y36 also has another claim to fame, and that is its content creation capabilities. Specifically, the phone has a 50MP main camera with a Super Night Algorithm feature that allows it to capture detailed night photos and great videos. Plus, this shooter is complemented by a 2MP depth sensor. Then at the front, it has a 16MP selfie camera that should capture social media-ready snaps.

Along with these, the phone has an eye-catching design that definitely looks more premium than its price would suggest. All of these make it a great partner for content creation, especially for younger folks who want to dip their toes into lifestyle snaps.

Need more convincing? Here’s why the vivo Y36 might just be the device for you if what you need is a content creation partner that won’t break the bank.

How the 50MP main camera and 2MP depth sensor combo lets you flex your creative muscles

To start, the 50MP main camera is billed by vivo as a great snapper at night thanks to the Super Night Algorithm feature. This allows it to capture great photos with lots of detail and vibrant colors, even if you’re at night.

Aside from the camera’s outdoor photography capabilities though, vivo also touts the Y36’s portrait photography-focused features. Specifically, this phone is able to capture portrait photos with an adjustable bokeh flair effect. This means you can capture portrait shots with bokeh light effects that you can change the shape of, giving you even more creative portrait possibilities.

Then there’s the ability of the Y36 to mix portraits with different backgrounds, as well as combine two portraits. With this feature, the Y36 can let you produce unique photos that aren’t just your typical portrait shot. After all, many phones these days have bokeh effect capabilities, though not a lot give users this level of control and this many effects.

There are also various Portrait Light effects that make for dramatic effects. Plus, the bokeh effect isn’t limited to people as you can use it with objects as well.

As the 50MP main camera is great for portrait photography, it should also come as no surprise that it is great for all kinds of photos, be it landscape or indoor photos.

The 16MP front camera: Great for selfies

Moving to the front, the vivo Y36 packs a 16MP selfie camera that can easily capture social media-ready selfies and group shots – perfect for documenting your day or night out with friends and family.

What’s also great is that the Portrait Light and bokeh effects aren’t limited to the main shooter. That’s because even the 16MP front camera can produce these types of creative photos.

Finally, the man camera has a Selfie Softlight Band feature that uses the phone’s display as a soft flash to make selfies brighter and more detailed if you’re in a dark room or at night. There’s an emphasis on Softlight here also as the extra brightness is designed so that it does not come off as harsh or unnatural.

Stylish, premium design

Now we move on to design, an area where the vivo Y36 again excels in. This is thanks to its 2.5D curved design that gives it not only a nice and sleek look but also a great in-hand feel. After all, having sharp edges for a phone isn’t the most comfortable. Given this, the Y36 is a comfortable phone to hold and use, whether vertically for general use or horizontally when snapping pics.

The phone’s back also has what vivo calls Fluorite Anti-Glare Glass that looks sleek in the Meteor Black colorway and shimmery in the Glitter Aqua color option. This finish gives the phone a look that stands out, all while ensuring that it’s not much of a fingerprint magnet.

This premium look and feel does not only extend to its design, but it is also clearly seen in the phone’s display. Specifically, vivo packed the Y36 with a 6.64-inch screen with a fast 90Hz refresh rate. This makes the phone feel even more fluid to use on the daily.

What also helps is that the screen has up to 650nits of brightness, meaning it should be easy to see even when it’s sunny outside – great news if you’re out and about and want to snap photos.

vivo Y36: Price and Availability in the Philippines

Thanks to its combination of quality cameras and premium design, the vivo Y36 is definitely a phone that will satisfy users who want something that can keep up with their lifestyle, especially if they want to try their hand out at content creation.

What makes the phone an even better option is that it has an affordable price tag of only PHP 12,999, a competitive price given its list of features.

The vivo Y36 is available now in vivo stores and partner retailers in the Philippines, as well as online via vivo’s official e-store.