Uniqlo reveals new Spy x Family collection for 2023

Uniqlo's new Spy x Family line is different from the previous collections.

After releasing two graphic tee lines last year, Uniqlo and Spy x Family are back with another collab for 2023, but this time it’s a bit different.

Typically, Uniqlo’s anime collaborations such as the latest Chainsaw Man or the recent Dragon Ball collection are under the UT lineup, meaning they are composed mostly of graphic tees. Not this new collection though as the latest Spy x Family lineup feature three sets of loungewear in Kids’ sizes.

Specifically, there are three versions of the loungewear sets that each feature a sweatshirt and pants combo. The first is a pink-colored set with a graphic of Anya Forger and her chimera doll.

Next is a blue set featuring Bond Forger and Anya’s Penguin —  a surprising pairing given the hostilities between the two. This set also features a larger Spy x Family logo.

Finally, there’s a gray set featuring a funny graphic of the Forger family wearing shocked expressions.

Here’s a closer look at this cute and hilarious graphic:

These three loungewear sets are priced in Japan at JPY 2,290 (around USD 16 or PHP 900).

The new Uniqlo and Spy x Family collab will be released in Japanese stores in late September 2023. For now, there’s no word yet on a release date outside Japan, but it’s likely going to release sometime soon based on previous collabs.

Sources: Crunchyroll, Uniqlo JP