A look at all the Tokyo Game Show 2023 Bandai Namco games that we played

Nothing but a whole lot of action.

Tokyo Game Show brought hype, excitement, and action to the public for four straight days, and one publisher who capitalized on all three was Bandai Namco. We had a chance to go through their selection of titles and experienced the high-octane adrenaline rush that they’re best known for. If you’re curious, here are the Tokyo Game Show 2023 Bandai Namco games that we played.



If you’re a fan of anime-style mecha battles, then SYNDUALITY just might pique your interest. As far as great-looking looter shooters go, this one’s packing great aesthetics, an explorable world, and what looks a like a compelling story behind a post-apocalyptic scenario. Piloting slow, but heavy-hitting robots never looked this good.



Everyone’s favorite bright orange ninja graced Tokyo Game Show with a new title featuring a special story mode. STORM CONNECTIONS is geared to be a massive game with more than 100 characters, a variety of game modes, and all the ninjutsu your heart can handle. If you’re looking to build up your favorite shinobi from the series and pit them against each other in dream matchups, this will be your best chance.


My Hero Ultra Rumble

Everyone’s favorite coming-of-age superhero anime series now has a battle royale. This free-to-play title will feature all the popular UA High students and some of the memorable villains of the series–along with all their quirks. It’s quite the straightforward game, albeit a few superpowered differences compared to your usual battle royale. Anyone who loves anime-style combat and going Plus Ultra should definitely check this out when it drops.


Tekken 8

Aside from a fuller lineup of both new and classic characters and a complete hands-on showcase of gameplay, Tekken 8 didn’t pull any punches at Tokyo Game Show. The new Tekken 8 Arcade Quest is a new feature that’ll surely bring both veteran and new players to the game. Having a virtual space to make friends and rivals alike is something to look forward to.

So, that’s the full lineup of Tokyo Game Show 2023 Bandai Namco games that we played.