Upcoming vivo V29 5G enchants with two stunning colorways

Unveiling the latest from vivo -- a pair of majestic mid-range wonders. Look how beautiful these two are.

For the upcoming release of the vivo V29 5G, vivo aims to unlock a universe of elegance by offering two stunning colorways: Starry Purple and Magic Maroon. Building upon the design ethos of the vivo V line with the now-iconic Aura Light Portrait System, the V29 Series seems to be their most ambitious iteration yet — and these new color motifs are proof.

Starry Purple: celestial masterpiece

Taking inspiration from the vastness of the cosmos, the vivo V29 5G Starry Purple takes painstaking new painting techniques to capture celestial rivers converging in symphony. The brand makes use of their 3D Starry Craft Design where 9 million micron-size magnetic particles come together to recreate the mesmerizing scene of two galaxies colliding. While the mental image of galaxies colliding might be chaotic and virulent in nature, vivo’s Starry Purple Design presents harmony with the ebb-and-flow of light and shadow play. According to the brand, they employed an industry-first printing innovation as they utilize invisible magnetic forces to control these magnetic particles.

The soft purple color weaves its way to lend to the brand going with the times and being up-to-trend in the latest fashion this season. Afterall, the vivo V-series is known to bridge the fashion and tech crowd, and the vivo V29 5G is no exception.

Watch the vivo V29 5G Starry Purple Unboxing here. 

Magic Maroon: where technology meets luxury


The Magic Maroon brings back the signature photochromatic rear cover that was first seen with the vivo V23 release.  According to the brand, the design resembles luxurious silk with subtle changes in color and gloss, offering a premium soft touch under the interplay of light and shadow.

Among the phones released this year, the Magic Maroon easily stands out because of its unique colorway. In a sea of silver, whites, greens, vivo decided to go totally left field and opted for an eye-catching deep (almost wine-like) maroon that changes to deep hues of purple once exposed to sunlight.

Unleash your style with vivo V29 5G

The vivo V29 5G in Starry Purple and Magic Maroon is set to redefine elegance and sophistication in the world of smartphones very soon.

Whether you’re gazing at the night sky or basking in the warm glow of luxury, vivo invites you to embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary and elevates your lifestyle to new heights.

Stay tuned for more updates and be prepared to unlock the universe of elegance with the vivo V29 5G. Follow vivo Philippines on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok for the latest news and announcements.