Rakuten Viber launches new solution for MSMEs in the Philippines

The Philippines becomes the first country to launch Viber’s new solution for MSMEs.

Rakuten Viber recently launched a suite of new business tools for small and medium-sized businesses in the Philippines.

Specifically, the Philippines is the first country to get Viber’s new business solutions such as a free, self-serve communications hub for small businesses to engage with local customers.

Here’s a rundown of some of the new Viber business features:

  • Public business profile: Businesses can create a public, searchable business page featuring all essential information. The profile can be shared with customers inside the app or even with people who are not Viber users yet.
  • 1:1 customer chats: Businesses can respond to customer requests right away over instant messaging.
  • Discoverability through Viber search: Businesses can find and retain loyal customers on their preferred day-to-day conversations app where customers can discover local products and services by searching for the business name or category.
  • Dedicated chat folders: Businesses can conveniently store customer messages separately from personal messages with family and friends. Users will also have easy access to a separate Business Inbox folder for storing their conversations with businesses.
  • Product catalog: Business owners can effortlessly add new products or services to their business page’s catalog. Customers can explore and inquire about the items by sharing the link to the product directly in the chat.

“We invited early adopters to take part in the exclusive experience of a Viber self-serve beta business account. Now, we invite all MSMEs to start their growth journey with Viber,” says Cristina Constandache, Chief Revenue Officer at Rakuten Viber. “As we expand our business portfolio, we are committed to tailoring solutions to the unique needs of businesses of every scale. Our mission is clear: to offer customized services for enterprises of all sizes. For those seeking growth, we deliver solutions that pave the way right within the app. With Viber as a growth partner, businesses have a communications platform for adapting to new challenges that arise on their business journey.”

Viber’s new self-serve business accounts are available now in the Philippines and Greece, and they will soon be launched in additional countries soon. Plus, Viber is also planning to introduce more features like broadcast messages, voice calls, and quick and automatic replies, among others.

For more information on Rakuten Viber and its suite of solutions for MSMEs, visit the website.