Sonic Frontiers Expansion Soundtrack Paths Revisited is now available

Sonic Frontiers' second soundtrack is now available digitally.

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Wave Master announced that the Sonic Frontiers Expansion Soundtrack Paths Revisited is now available, and it features lots of new songs, remixes, and more.

This new soundtrack is the second one for Sonic Frontiers, and it features 46 new tracks that include background music, remixes, and instrumentals. You can stream the soundtrack now at streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and more. Visit here for all the streaming platforms where it’s available.

Meanwhile, here is the soundtrack’s complete track list:

  1. Cutscene: Unforseen
  2. Cutscene: Friends
  3. Maybe If… – Amy Mvt.
  4. Blood Flow – Knuckles Mvt.
  5. Another Passage – Tails Mvt.
  6. Second Wind – Sonic Mvt.
  7. Cyber Space 4-A: Genshi Remix
  8. Cyber Space 4-B: Escape the Loop Remix
  9. Cyber Space 4-C: Arrow of Time Remix
  10. Cyber Space 4-D: Rumble Rave Remix
  11. Cyber Space 4-E: Dropaholic Remix
  12. Cyber Space 4-F: Hype Street Remix
  13. Cyber Space 4-G: Ephemeral Remix
  14. Cyber Space 4-H: Wishes in the Wind Remix 15. Cyber Space 4-I: Time Flyer Remix
  15. Guardian: NINJA – Alternate ver.
  16. Guardian: CATERPILLAR – Alternate ver.
  17. Cutscene: Fist
  18. Jingle: Master Koco Trial – Start
  19. Master Koco Trial
  20. Jingle: Master Koco Trial – Clear
  21. Jingle: Master Koco Trial – Fail
  22. Cutscene: Face Yourself

  1. Jingle: Action Chain Challenge – Start
  2. Action Chain Challenge
  3. Jingle: Action Chain Challenge – Clear
  4. Guardian: TOWER – Alternate ver.
  5. Guardian: SPIDER – Alternate ver.
  6. Cutscene: Doomed
  7. Ouranos Island Remix
  8. Guardian: GHOST – Alternate ver.
  9. Guardian: TANK – Alternate ver.
  10. Cutscene: Awakening 11. Cutscene: Geared up!
  11. Cutscene: The Time Has Come 13. Cutscene: Final Battle – Absolute
  12. I’m Here – Orchestral ver.
  13. I’m Here – Revisited (feat. Kellin Quinn)
  14. Cutscene: A Wonderful World – Celebration Mix
  15. I’m with you – Vocal ver. (feat. Gaby Borro)

Bonus Tracks:

  1. I’m Here – Instrumental
  2. Undefeatable – Instrumental
  3. Break Through It All – Instrumental
  4. Find Your Flame – Instrumental
  5. Dear Father – Instrumental
  6. One Way Dream – Instrumental

Regarding the soundtrack, sound director Tomoya Ohtani said:

“We had created a massive 150-song, 6-CD soundtrack for the base game of Sonic Frontiers, so I thought we were finished with the music.

But once development started for the update, it turned out there was still plenty we wanted to do.

In the end, we completed 40 additional tracks that included new songs and remixes. For the Sonic series, the amount of music in this single game is pretty incredible.

Furthermore, an instrumental version of the main vocal song will also be included. We hope you enjoy the rest of the music of Sonic Frontiers along with the main soundtrack ‘Stillness & Motion’”.

Sonic Frontiers is available now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

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