OPPO Find N3 Flip: 3 Features That Make it Stand Out in the Foldable Space

Here's what makes the Find N3 Flip a foldable flagship to beat!

OPPO recently launched the Find N3 Flip in the Philippines, the brand’s exciting new foldable phone. With this new device, OPPO is promising to deliver a true flagship experience for a phone with a clamshell form factor.

Currently, there are quite a number of choices for users who want to get a flip foldable device, though not all of them are true flagships. Sure, some of the choices in the market come with top-of-the-line processors, but practically all of them only have two cameras. This is quite a big omission, especially considering how flagship phones of today are expected to have a triple rear shooter with a telephoto camera at least.

Enter the Find N3 Flip. With this new phone, OPPO aims to give users a true no-compromise flagship phone with a clamshell design.

To be specific, the new OPPO Find N3 Flip has three key features that make it stand out compared to other flip foldables in the market.

The First Triple-Rear Hasselblad Camera Setup for a Flip Foldable

Perhaps the highlight of the Find N3 Flip features-wise is its camera setup. The phone has a Hasselblad triple rear camera setup that includes a telephoto shooter. This makes it the first-ever flip foldable smartphone with a telephoto camera as all other clamshell foldables in the market only have dual rear cameras.

Specifically, the Find N3 Flip packs a 50MP Main + 48MP Ultrawide + 32MP 2x Telephoto rear shooter setup. This isn’t just great on paper though as the phone’s camera array delivers true flagship-level camera capabilities, meaning it’s excellent for various kinds of photography.

First up, the 50MP main camera delivers great image quality for both daytime and nighttime shots. From its photos, you can see that the Hasselblad branding isn’t just for show. That’s because photos taken with the phone’s main shooter have great colors that still look natural – no unnaturally saturated photos here thanks to Hasselblad’s Natural Color Calibration tech. Here are some samples:

Colors aside, the Hasselblad partnership also means that the phone has various modes that emulate iconic Hasselblad cameras/lenses. These include the portrait mode which recreates the effect of the Hasselblad XCD lens, as well as the XPan mode to deliver a retro Hasselblad style.

The ultrawide shooter also benefits from this as shots taken with the 48MP camera are a clear step above other ultrawide cameras in phones. Check them out here:

Then there’s the telephoto shooter, the camera that lifts this phone above the competition. Practically all foldables with a clamshell design don’t have a telephoto camera. The Find N3 Flip packs one that has 2x optical zoom, as well as impressive digital zoom capabilities of up to 20x. It also benefits from the Hasselblad Natural Color Calibration tech, as seen in these samples.

That’s not even getting into the other nifty features of the phone, including its cool Multi-Angle FlexForm feature that lets users be more experimental with how they capture photos, as well as the DV Recording mode which gives users a nice retro shooting feel when taking videos.

While the phone’s rear cameras can be used for selfies, the phone also packs a 32MP selfie camera on the inner side. This camera can capture great selfies that can fit a group in the frame with ease thanks to its wide field of view.

Vertical Cover Screen: Natural and App-Friendly

For the latest Find device, OPPO stuck with a vertical cover display – this is unlike many other clamshell foldables out in the market which are opting to use most of the cover for the display. This makes for a squarer aspect ratio.

Having a bigger screen might be better, but that’s not always the case. This is proven by the Find N3 Flip as the cover display’s taller aspect ratio makes it look more natural. For instance, taking selfies is much better with the vertical cover screen as it means users will get to see the entire selfie photo more accurately. This is great as taking selfies with the triple rear camera setup gives users even better selfie quality.

What’s more, having a taller aspect ratio means that apps look and function better. In fact, the Find N3 Flip already has a selection of apps that are usable while being intuitive when using the cover display. These include music players like Spotify, as well as Google Maps, Gmail, and more.

On top of these, the cover display has an AMOLED panel and a 382 x 720 resolution, meaning it’s pin-sharp and gets plenty bright, all while having nice colors.

Nearly Invisible Crease in its Sleek Hinge

Having a crease can seem unavoidable when it comes to foldables, but thankfully, that’s not the case with the Find N3 Flip.

That’s because this phone might have the most invisible crease that we’ve seen in a flip foldable. In regular use, you’ll be hard-pressed to see the crease, meaning the phone doesn’t have a distracting middle part.

This is great as you get a more immersive viewing experience when watching movies/shows on the phone’s excellent 6.8-inch AMOLED display which is flagship-worthy when it comes to image quality.

Aside from the invisible crease, the phone’s hinge is also durable, and it’s rated for over 600,000 folds. Plus, it feels great to fold and unfold as it’s easy to snap close with just one hand. This is unlike some foldables which can be difficult to open or close.

The Complete Package

The phone has three key features that make it stand out, but the rest of its features do not disappoint. In fact, they add up for a complete flagship phone package.

These include the phone’s powerful MediaTek Dimensity 9200 which can run today’s popular games and content creation apps with ease. There’s also the large 4300mAh battery that can last for a day and can charge fast thanks to its 44W SUPERVOOC flash charge feature.

Finally, the phone is impeccably designed for both durability and sleek looks. Plus, the phone is one of the rare Android devices with a dedicated mute button – definitely a plus as you’ll be guaranteed not to disturb anyone.

OPPO Find N3 Flip: Price and Availability

The OPPO Find N3 Flip is one of the new flagship foldables to beat, and it is priced at PHP 64,999 in the Philippines.

For those interested, the phone is now available via Lazada, Shopee, and TikTok Shop. Each purchase in these stores will come with are OPPO Enco Air3 (worth PHP 3,999) and OPPO Band2 (worth PHP 3,999). What’s more, the phone will come with 100% free shipping, as well as 0% interest installment via SPayLater and 0% interest installment via LazPayLater.

Meanwhile, MyOPPO app users can get exclusive perks by purchasing the Find N3 Flip. The first 50 users can get 5,000 Mabuhay Miles. Next, the first 100 users can claim a one-time free access to any PAGSS Premium lounge. Plus, exclusive gift sets from either MAC Cosmetics, Jo Malone London, Estee Lauder, Origins, or Clinique can be redeemed until supplies last.

Buyers who want to get the phone via a postpaid plan can do so with Globe and Smart. The Find N3 Flip will be available via Globe Plan 1499 with Php 34,000 cash out. On Smart, the phone will be available via Smart Postpaid Plan 1999 with cash-out.

Both Globe and Smart postpaid plans for the Find N3 Flip will come with a free OPPO Enco Air3 (worth PHP 3,999) and OPPO Band2 (worth PHP 3,999).

Finally, buyers can avail the phone through Home Credit and Credit Cards. On Home Credit, the phone will be available in installment plans of 6/9/12/15/18 months at 0% interest (with the lowest monthly payment being PHP 1,676/month in all OPPO stores partnered with Home Credit nationwide). For all credit cards, the phone will be available at 6 or 12 months installment.