Worlds 2024 Final is happening at The O2 in London

League of Legends esports' main event is coming to the UK for the first time!

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After the epic conclusion to Worlds 2023, Riot Games announced that Worlds 2024 is happening at the O2 in London. This will be the first time ever that the premier League of Legends tournament’s final will take place in the UK.

This isn’t the first major tournament to happen in the UK of course. There’s the 2023 MSI tournament which happened in ondon’s Copper Box Arena. Then there was the Worlds 2015 Quarterfinals which took place at the SSE Arena in Wembley (now known as OVO Arena).

What is clear is that this is the first time that London will host the biggest event in League of Legends esports’ yearly circuit. This should be exciting news for League fans in the UK, especially considering that Worlds 2019 (which was held in Paris) was the last time that the League final was held near the country. While Worlds 2021 was held in Iceland, the country isn’t exactly as accessible for UK-based League followers.

As for the venue, the O2 makes sense given that it’s the UK’s second-highest seating capacity venue. After all, Worlds continues to get a lot of attention from all over the world.

“We’re thrilled to bring the World Final to the UK for the first time,” said Naz Aletaha, Global Head of LoL Esports. “Worlds is a global celebration of the best of League of Legends, and London’s rich history and modern metropolis is a perfect backdrop for the biggest stage in our sport. We were blown away by the passion and energy from fans in London throughout the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational, and we’re eager to welcome them to the O2 where our finalists will take the same stage as the many icons who preceded them.”

The Worlds 2024 Final will happen on November 2, 2024. Ticket details will be announced at a later date sometime next year.