Faker is now a four-time world champion as T1 takes home the Worlds 2023 championship

Faker cemented his position as the GOAT League of Legends player.

T1 is once again at the top of LoL esports as the team took home the trophy at Worlds 2023, beating Weibo Gaming in dominant fashion.

With the team’s win, Faker is also now a 4-time League of Legends World Champion, cementing his spot as the GOAT League player (though it’s not as if there was any doubt even before Worlds 2023).

T1’s win at this year’s Worlds was far from guaranteed though as didn’t enter the tournament as the favorites. Though the World 2023 Group Stage saw a good showing for the squad, and they managed to book their spot at the Knockout Stage.

It’s fair to say that T1’s win at Worlds was hard-fought. After all, the team had to face a gauntlet of tough opponents from the LPL. Despite having a tough road ahead of them, T1 made it look easy as they only dropped one game against JD Gaming to get a spot at the Finals.

At the Worlds 2023 Grand Finals, T1 faced off against Weibo Gaming. It was a highly anticipated match, but instead of a nail-biting five-game series, T1 proceeded to dominate the series as they won the first three games. With this, T1 won the series 3-0, solidifying themselves as the top League of Legends team once again.

Of course, while Faker taking home his fourth trophy is the big story of the event, T1’s Zeus was also unstoppable in the series as he was crowned the finals MVP.

With T1 now back in impeccable form, it’s definitely going to be interesting how the other LCK teams react when the next season begins.