Amatsuka Uto returns to streaming and joins VOICE-ORE

Amatsuka Uto is finally back!

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Indie VTuber Amatsuka Uto returns to streaming after her eight-month hiatus and now joins the VTuber and voice-talent agency VOICE-ORE.

Uto, during her sudden comeback stream, talked about her future streaming activities on both her YouTube and Twitch channels. She stated that her content will remain the same despite being under an agency. She also said that she will primarily stream on Youtube and Twitch will be used often when she streams FPS games.

During the same stream, she also stated that while she was on hiatus, Uto was considering fully quitting VTubing due to personal circumstances and the fact that she wants to become a seiyuu. Thankfully, she received a scouting email from VOICE-ORE, allowing her to continue her VTubing career and opening the opportunity to work as a seiyuu.

Amatsuka Uto Voice-ore

Uto during her 3D debut

Uto also remarked that she also received offers from other companies, but she instead accepted the offer from VOICE-ORE since talents from this agency do help their talents get seiyuu roles.

A notable example is Mikeneko who joined VOICE-ORE last July under the name Koito Ria and will voice the character Lilium in an upcoming anime titled Meitō “Isekai no Yu” Kaitaku-ki (Meitou “Isekai no Yu” Kaitakuki: Arafoo Onsen Mania no Tensei-saki wa, Nonbiri Onsen Tengoku deshita).

As for Amatsuka Uto’s planned activities, she will not be streaming much this December but will be back on her streaming schedule in January. Furthermore, few of her previous VODs on YouTube that were set to private after her hiatus has now been set to public, and the membership on her channel is now back.

For those who didn’t know who Amatsuka Uto is, she’s a (formerly) indie VTuber who debuted back in 2020. She has since managed to garner lots of attention from both local and overseas viewers, rapidly gaining audiences and reaching 600,000 subscribers within just a year despite being indie at that time.

Later in 2022, she took a long break from streaming and eventually returned to stream on Twitch. She shares the same character artist Aoi Nabi with Hololive English’s Amelia Watson.

On April 2023, she announced that she’ll be taking another hiatus, this time indefinitely, and that she will put all of her content and social media accounts on private.

But as mentioned above, she came back this December and announced that she has now joined VOICE-ORE under the same name Amatsuka Uto.