Demon Slayer – Sweep the Board to release on Nintendo Switch in April 2024

This Demon Slayer party game is coming to the Switch in April next year.

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Following its announcement back in September, SEGA finally revealed that Demon Slayer – Sweep the Board will be released on the Switch in April 2024.

Along with its release date, more info about the game was also revealed, including details on new boards and the various mini-games.

There’s also a newly drawn illustration by ufotable, the studio behind the Demon Slayer anime. Check it out here:

In case you missed its reveal, Sweep the Board is a Kimetsu no Yaiba party game that’s more akin to something like Mario Party. In this game, players select a Demon Slayer character to play as in a board where the goal is to get Slayer Coins to rack up Rank Points.

The game features several game board options, including the two recently revealed Board 2 which is based on Tsuzumi Mansion and Mount Natagumo, as well as Board 3 which is inspired by the Mugen Train.

Along with two new boards, SEGA shared some of the mini-games that players will get to try during a match:

  • Sneaky Sword Styling: Try to secretly make serrations on Inosuke’s jagged Nichirin Sword without getting caught by Kanamori!
  • Tanjiro’s Total Concentration Training: Assist Tanjiro as he undergoes intense training, helping him achieve Total concentration!
  • Team Memory Matching: A 2-on-2 team battle where you must work together to match cards with the same picture!
  • Knock ‘Em Out! Chanbara Swordplay: Trade blows with your opponent and try to push them out of the zone!

Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba – Sweep the Board will be released on the Nintendo Switch on April 25, 2024.