RGG Studio shares new details on three Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth mini-games

The latest Like a Dragon title will have a boatload of things to do thanks to these mini-games!

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With the game’s release inching ever closer, RGG Studio shared new info on three Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth mini-games that promise to deliver fun and fresh experiences.

Previously, info on the various faction in Hawaii were shared. These factions will play big roles in the story. Aside from its new tale involving Ichiban and Kiryu though, Infinite Wealth promises to deliver lots of activities that players can enjoy as palate cleansers for the story missions.

Recently, RGG Studio shared details on three Infinite Wealth mini-games that are inspired by the game’s Honolulu, Hawaii setting.

Dondoko Island

First up, we have Dondoko Island which is shaping up to be the game’s biggest mini-game. That’s because Ichiban’s goal in this mini-game is to turn an island from rock bottom into a high-end resort. Think of it like the business management mini-game from Yakuza: Like a Dragon, but expanded into something more fitting for Infinite Wealth’s setting.

To give you a better idea of what to expect, RGG Studio describes Dondoko Island as:

“After rescuing a turtle at Aloha Beach, Kasuga is invited to a small island called Dondoko Island, which was once a bustling resort that has fallen under hard times from illegal dumping.

The source of the island’s woes is a corrupt waste disposal company known as the Washbucklers, who occupy areas of the island, invade the resort, and harass the locals.

Inspired by the islanders’ hospitality and determined to fulfill their dream of turning the island into a five-star resort, Kasuga decides to assist in reviving Dondoko Island.

With the help of the island’s mascots, Gachapin and Mukku, transform the island into a top-tier resort.”

In the island, Ichiban will also meet various key characters, including Gachapin the Dinosaur and Mukku the Yeti¬† who will provide useful info; think of them as the island’s version of Ono Michio from Yakuza 6.

There’s also Matayoshi, the owner of Dondoko Island who sells furniture and other specialties. Finally, there’s Saya and Yui who help out in the island’s development through assistance with agriculture, resource gathering, funding, and other endeavors.

As the goal is to make the island better, Ichiban must clean up the island and make it beautiful with various items and establishments. This makes it reminiscent of games like Animal Crossing, but made in the signature Yakuza series style.

There will also be enemies to face in the island, so Ichiban and his party must face off against them at certain points.

Crazy Delivery

Aside from turning an unremarkable island into a top resort, Infinite Wealth also features the Crazy Delivery mini-game which is described as:

“Strapped for cash, Kasuga decides to tap into his past experience collecting empty cans on his bicycle and accepts a food delivery job with Crazy Eats.

In Crazy Delivery, it’s important to showcase that “Crazy is captivating.” Earn money by making delivery runs. Perform sick stunts on your route to earn better tips and boost your income!

Try drifting along streets and pulling off tricks and wheelies as you race across Hawaii to transport food to your hungry customers.”

Yes, this mini-game tasks Ichiban with delivering food to hungry customers. You can think of it as an evolved version of the Yakuza: Like a Dragon can-collecting game.

Miss Match

Finally, there’s Miss Match, a mini-game where the goal is for Ichiban to get a date via a dating app.

This mini-game’s story is described as:

“Kasuga encounters a fortune teller and app developer named Machiko-san in Hawaii, who introduces him to a trendy dating app.

Although initially hesitant, Kasuga is intrigued by the notion that the app could increase his masculine appeal, so he decides to give it a try.”

This isn’t the first time that the series included a dating mini-game, but this will be Ichiban’s first foray into one. Thus, it’ll be a must-play for fans, especially as lots of hilarious hijinks are to be expected.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth will be released on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC on January 26, 2024.