RGG Studio shares new info on Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth characters and factions

Here are the new characters and factions that you can expect to see in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

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Following the sharing of details on jobs, RGG Studio and SEGA have now revealed new characters as well as info on the factions in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

Infinite Wealth will feature many returning characters, including Ichiban and his friends from Yakuza: Like a Dragon, as well as Kazuma Kiryu who will play an even bigger role in this game.

These returning characters will be joined by new faces that will be present in the game’s Honolulu setting. RGG Studio shared  images of the new characters, as well as short descriptions of them:

Akane (Portrayed by Yoshiko Sakakibara) –  The woman whom Kasuga heads to Hawaii in search of

Yutaka Yamai (Portrayed by Takehito Koyasu) – Patriarch of the Yamai Syndicate

Dwight Méndez (Portrayed by Shuhei Matsuda) – Barracuda Kingpin

Wong Tou (Portrayed by Takuya Masumoto) – Commander of the Ganzhe

Bryce Fairchild (Portrayed by Toru Furuya) – Palekana’s Sage

Kihei Hanawa (Portrayed by Hiroki Tochi) – A manager in the Daidoji Faction

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – The Factions in Hawaii

Along with the new characters, RGG Studio also detailed the factions that will be present in the game. As Infinite Wealth is set in Hawaii, these factions won’t be limited to Yakuza groups.

Here’s a rundown of the main faction in Hawaii, as well as what to expect from them in the story:

The Barracudas – A powerful mafia group in Hawaii

“Made up of members who share a common past living on the streets, the Barracudas are known to wield machetes and instill fear in the local populace by spilling open the guts of their enemies. Despite their public displays of carnage, the local law enforcement have so far failed to bring them to justice, leading some to question if financial incentives are at play.”

The Ganzhe – A local Chinese mafia group threatening to cleave Hawaii’s underworld in two

“A notorious syndicate that rivals the Barracudas in strength, whose commander, Wong Tou, serves as the owner of the luxury Nirvana Hotel. The Ganzhe have forged a powerful global network by laundering for the ultra-wealthy.

For reasons unknown, they are pursuing Akane—believed to be biological mother of Kasuga—and are also in the midst of a fierce turf war with the Barracudas.”

The Yamai Syndicate – A gang on the rise, led by the enigmatic Yamai

“Under the leadership of Yutaka Yamai, this primarily Japanese group has been making a name for themselves in Hawaii.
There are whispers that Yamai was embroiled in an incident in Japan that forced him to flee to Hawaii, but the veracity of these claims remains uncertain. Operating out of Night Square, a district in Honolulu, the Yamai Syndicate grows their territory day by day with the ambition of challenging the Ganzhe and the Barracudas. Driven by the prospect of financial gain, they join the power struggle over Akane.”

Palekana – A long-standing religious organization devoted to helping the underprivileged

“An age-old religious institution with a legacy spanning over a hundred years. Fire holds a sacred significance within its teachings.
The current head of Palekana is Bryce Fairchild. Based in Honolulu, the organization is known for their commitment to serving the local community. Their charitable services in running foster homes for orphaned children and providing food assistance have garnered the trust of both government authorities and the locals.”

The Daidoji Faction – A fixer organization in decline

“Since pre-war times, the Daidoji have played a substantial hand in Japanese politics and the country’s economy. However, the fading influence of the Liberal Democratic Party has greatly diminished their sway.

The faction dispatches Kiryu to Honolulu City on a mission to apprehend a target.”

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC on January 26, 2024.