Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth shares in-depth look at exclusive and new jobs

Here are the new and exclusive jobs that Ichiban and friends will get to have in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

SEGA and RGG Studio shared more new Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth info, this time we have an in-depth look at the exclusive and new jobs in the game.

As with Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Infinite Wealth will feature a turn-based RPG combat system. Because of this, Infinite Wealth sees the return of jobs, with each job providing a character with a unique set of skills. Each playable character has an exclusive job as well as a plethora of new job options to choose from.

To give fans a better idea of what to expect, SEGA and RGG Studio revealed each character’s exclusive jobs in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, as well as a selection of brand-new jobs and their signature skills.

Character-Exclusive Jobs

First up is Kiryu whose exclusive job is Dragon of Dojima. This job allows him to switch between three styles, including:

Dragon of Dojima – Battle Style: Brawler

Kiryu’s signature battle style allows him to get in close and pummel his victims.

Dragon of Dojima – Battle Style: Rush

Rush style is Kiryu’s speedier battle option.

Dragon of Dojima – Battle Style: Beast

Then, there’s Beast style which allows Kiryu to grand and fling enemies.

Ichiban Kasuga’s Exclusive Job: Hero Skill: Grand Liner

Ichiban Kasuga’s exclusive job allows him to wield a bat in combat, as well as heal allies.

Eric Tomizawa’s Exclusive Job: Cabbie Skill: Tire Tumbler

The new character Eric is a taxi driver, and his Cabbie job allows him to manipulate electricity and water to exploit enemy weaknesses.

Skill: “Tire Tumbler plows through enemies straight ahead of the user and is most effective against densely packed enemies.”

Chitose Fujinomiya’s Exclusive Job: Heiress Skill: Grand Jeté

Chitose Fujinomiya has the Heiress job which lets her use her dancing skills to manipulate enemies.

Skill: “Grand Jeté knocks away enemies with a graceful leap, inflicting additional damage depending on where it’s used.”

Yu Nanba’s Exclusive Job: Homeless Guy Skill: Sizzling Spitter

Yu Namba is back with his signature Homeless job which allows him to command pigeons and unleash a wide range of techniques.

Skill: “The direction of Sizzling Spitter can be changed at will, allowing the user to damage multiple enemies at once.”

Koichi Adachi’s Exclusive Job: Detective Skill: Monkey Flip

Koichi Adachi’s Detective job once again lets him easily break through the opponent’s guard.

Skill: “Monkey Flip removes the enemy’s guard and deals enormous damage.”

Saeko Mukoda’s Exclusive Job: Barmaid Skill: Champagne Splashdown

Saeko’s Barmaid job lets her inflict status ailments on enemies via her trusty handbag.

Skill: “Champagne Splashdown is a magic attack that deals ice damage and inflicts cold on surrounding enemies.

Seonhee’s Exclusive Job: Assassin Skill: Stentorian Whip

Seonhee’s Assassin job sees her wield a needles, crossbows, and other lethal weaponry.

Skill: “Stentorian Whip delivers a powerful attack that inflicts paralysis on multiple enemies.”

Joon-Gi Han’s Exclusive Job: Hitman Skill: Professional Slash

Joon-Gi Han the Hitman has a range of lightning-fast one-strike assassination techniques.

Skill: “Professional Slash allows the user to sneak behind an enemy and deal a critical strike.”

Tianyou Zhao’s Exclusive Job: Mafia Skill: Homecooked Dim Sum

Zhao is also back to cook up some restorative dishes for his allies, and dish damage to enemies with his trusty sabres via his Mafia job.

Skill: “Homecooked Dim Sum allows the user to restore the health of allies by serving them Chinese delicacies.”

New Jobs

Aside from character-exclusive jobs, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth also has a range of new jobs. These include:

Male-Exclusive Job: Samurai Skill: Wind of Iaido

Skill: “With Wind of Iaido, the user swiftly unsheathes their sword and executes high-speed iai cuts on the enemy.”

Male-exclusive job: Aquanaut Skill: Cresting Carver

Skill: “Cresting Carver allows the user to inflict damage while mowing down enemies in their path.”

Male-exclusive job: Desperado Skill: Wild Lasso

Skill: “Wild Lasso lets the user capture enemies and seal their skills.”

Female-exclusive job: Kunoichi Skill: Shadow Clone Jutsu

Skill: “Shadow Clone Jutsu deals more damage and creates more clones as the user’s Agility increases.”

Female-exclusive job: Housekeeper Skill: Bubble Breach

Skill: “Bubble Breach allows the user to swing a wet mop and sweep away a wide range of enemies.”

Female-exclusive job: Geodancer Skill: Kolohe Kick

Skill: “Kolohe Kick can magically propel enemies away upon contact.”

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth will be released on January 26, 2024 for the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.