The PlayStation Access controller is now available in the Philippines

Here's how much the PS5 Access Controller is priced in the Philippines.

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Following its previous reveal, Sony finally launched the PlayStation Access Controller globally, including in the Philippines.

In case you missed its reveal, the Access Controller is a highly customizable controller kit for the PS5 that’s made with accessibility at the forefront. Specifically, PlayStation designed this controller in close collaboration with the accessibility community so that players with disabilities can play more comfortably.

This might seem like an unusual controller, but there’s a reason for its design. The Access Controller comes with swappable buttons to suit a player’s range of mobility, as well as an adjustable stick length. It also features expandable inputs, meaning you can connect it with another Access Controller or a DualSense.

Plus, you can even connect various devices to it like compatible accessories and headsets, as well as make custom profiles more for control options when playing.

Here’s what you get inside the box:

  • Access™ controller
  • USB cable
  • 8x Pillow button caps (attached to controller)
  • 4x Flat button caps
  • 4x Curve button caps
  • 2x Overhang button caps
  • 1x Wide flat button caps
  • Standard stick cap
  • Dome stick cap (attached to controller)
  • Ball stick cap
  • 23x tags
  • Quick start guide and safety guide

The PlayStation Access Controller is available now in the Philippines for PHP 5,090 in PlayStation authorized retailers in the country.