World of Warcraft 2024 roadmap revealed

Here's what to expect for World of Warcraft in 2024.

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With the year about to end, Blizzard unveiled the 2024 roadmap for World of Warcraft and WoW Classic, including the events and expansions.

After Dragonflight’s release in late 2022, the World of Warcraft: The War Within expansion is going to be the major highlight of 2024, and it’s coming in the second half of the year.

Before that though, there will be various big events and updated in 2024. For instance, there’s the Seeds of Renewal which will happen early in the year. Then in spring, players can expect Season 4 which will be a big one as it will revisit Dragonflight Raids and add a bunch of rewards. Around the same time, there’s also the alpha for The War Within.

Meanwhile, here’s a look at what to expect for WoW Classic, including the release schedule for Cataclysm and more:

As a quick guide, here are some of the highlights for both titles:

  • Dragonflight Seeds of Renewal (10.2.5)
    • Follower dungeons
    • Dragonflight epilogue quests
  • Cataclysm Classic Beta
    • Signups are open today!
  • Season of Discovery: Phase 2
    • Level 40 Level Cap with Gnomeregan as the new level-up raid and Stranglethorn Vale as the new world PvP location. 
  • Hardcore Realms: Solo Self-found Mode

For more info on the upcoming World of Warcraft 2024 roadmap, visit the official Blizzard blog.