Amemiya Nazuna has now parted ways with VShojo

End of an era.

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In case you missed it, as of December 31, 2023, Amemiya Nazuna has now parted ways with Vshojo and will now work as an individual content creator.

According to the official announcement of Vshojo on ‘X’ (Twitter), Nazuna’s departure from the VTuber agency was mutually agreed upon, and she will maintain the ownership of the Amemiya Nazuna intellectual property. This allows the person behind Nazuna to continue her activities under the Nazuna persona if she wishes to. This was the same arrangement that was also given to former VShojo members Veibae, Silvervale, and Nyatasha Nyanners.

The following day Nazuna herself made an official post stating that, before her graduation on VShojo, she had many discussions with everyone at the agency and thanked the staff and her fans as Nazuna.

Before leaving, Nazuna announced in August last year that the frequency of her streams would decrease. Coincidentally, further back in July, Mikeneko (the person behind Nazuna) also happened to join the VTuber/Voice-acting agency “Voice-ORE” under the name Koito Ria. So while it seems that Nazuna’s departure from VShojo was a bit of a sudden announcement, some fans may have already foreseen this development, as it made sense that her main focus would be shifted to the Mikeneko persona.

Amemiya Nazuna joined VShojo along with Kson back in July 2022, as their first Japanese talent, forming the unit “VShojo Next” extending the agency’s presence in Japan. With Nazuna’s leaving Vshojo, Kson now stands as the only remaining member of Vshojo Next unit as Henya the Genius, despite being a fluent Japanese speaker, has yet to be officially announcement as part of this JP group.