Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth shows off Sujimon and Sujimon battles

Ichiban aims to be the very best like no one ever was with Sujimon!

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As the game’s release inches ever closer, SEGA and RGG Studio shared new details about Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, this time the info is all about Sujimon.

Players of Yakuza: Like a Dragon (or Yakuza 7, depending on the region) are likely already familiar with Sujimon. In case you need a quick refresher, Sujimon are special enemies that Ichiban and his party encounter, which they can then log on to the Sujidex which was developed by Sujimon Sensei.

For the latest game in the series, Sujimon Sensei makes a return with a new storyline that’s much bigger than in Yakuza 7.

The new storyline is described as:

In Hawaii, Kasuga reunites with the researcher known as the Sujimon Sensei, an old ally.

The Sujimon Sensei refers to dangerous individuals in the city as Sujimon, and has created an app called the Sujidex to collect data on them for the sake of the peace.

Shortly after their reunion, Kasuga is taken to a place called the Sujimon Stadium, where he witnesses a competition known as the Suji League. However, illegal betting on Sujimon matches was taking place there. The Suji League was once a wholesome competition where skills were tested, and the Sujimon Sensei participated in it passionately. But over time, individuals driven by profit intervened, transforming it into a gambling spectacle.

Moved by the Sujimon Sensei‘s desire to restore the Suji League to its former glory, Kasuga decides to participate as a Sujimon Trainer and resolves to confront the mastermind hidden behind the tournament.

While Sujimon in the previous game are no doubt inspired by the Pokemon series, the mode’s return is even more Pokemon-like. That’s because there is a new 3v3 Sujimon Battle game mode where Ichiban is the trainer. There are five different Sujimon types, each with particular strengths and weaknesses.

Another major aspect of Sujimon is catching them. While out in Hawaii, Ichiban can capture Sujimon he encounters by battling them. There are also raids which are tougher battles, but by winning, the player has a guaranteed chance to recruit the beaten Sujimon.

On top of catching them, Sujimon training is also key. This can be done through strengthening, awakening, and evolution.

To strengthen Sujimon, they must be given the Sujimunch drink. Meanwhile, awakening occurs when you feed a Sujimon another of their same species. Finally, training can be done by allowing Sujimon to fight in battles.

By playing through the Sujimon questline in Infinite Wealth, player can unlock the Sujimancer job that’s unique to Ichiban.

Finally, these Sujimon will also play a big role in the Dondoko Island mini-game. At the farm, playsers can train the Sujimon to raise their levels. Plus, Sujimon can also help restore the island through growing crops, earning money, and even repelling pests.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth will be released on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC on January 26, 2024.