PlayStation teams up with Mercedes-Benz for PlayStation 5 car

This PS5 edition Mercedes-Benz A-class features a color scheme and design elements inspired by the latest PlayStation console.

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In what is no doubt an unexpected crossover, PlayStation and Mercedes-Benz teamed up for a special PS5 edition A-class car.

Specifically, PlayStation Italy shared a showcase video on its official YouTube channel that highlights the new collab. Given that it’s not being promoted by other PlayStation regional pages, the collab is not a global marketing campaign.

Still, it’s a cool collab. And make no mistake, this special A-class car isn’t just a one-off as there will be 50 models that will go on sale (at least, according to various sources).

Check out the official collab video here:

So, what exactly makes this a Mercedes-Benz car a PlayStation edition model? Called the A-Class Vibes, this hatchback features a Digital White color scheme, with blue ambient lights on the inside as well as a black leather interior. It may not look that far from a standard A-class, but the color and design accents do echo the sleek look of the PS5 (both the classic and the new Slim model).

This A-class Vibes car will only have a limited run though as only 50 units will be made. Each car is priced at EUR 55,677 (around USD 60,867 or PHP 3.4 million), and each purchase will come with a PS5 Digital Edition console and a digital copy of Gran Turismo 7.

This car is only confirmed to be released via Mercedes-Benz Italy dealerships. For now, there’s no word yet on if there are plans to release more units in other regions in Europe and across the world.

Source: Anime News Network