Pomu Rainpuff Graduation has been announced by Nijisanji

Her last stream will be on January 20, 2024.

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Nijisanji EN’s Pomu Rainpuff announced her graduation and will do her last stream on January 20, 2024.

The official announcement of her graduation was first delivered via NijiEN’s official X(Twitter) account, which was then followed by Pomu’s livestream where she thanked her fans, announced that a new cover song would be released soon, and clarified a few details about the future of her channel.


In the announcement, Nijisanji stated that, much like other Livers, merchandise based on Pomu will be discontinued gradually and her social media accounts including her X(Twitter), and Youtube accounts will be made private. However, during her official stream, Pomu herself clarified that her VODs including all of her cover songs on the channel will remain public, and only the channel memberships and its perks will gradually stop after graduation.

Nijisanji will also accept fan letters for Pomu until February 20, 2024, which Pomu reminded her fans to be careful about timezones, as there would be a strict deadline on sending the said fan letters.

Pomu Rainpuff is part of Nijisanji English’s first wave, Lazulight, which debuted on May 05, 2021, alongside Elira Pendora, and Finana Ryugu. Although not being the first to graduate in the English branch, Pomu’s graduation is the first to graduate from the first wave. Nijisanji, however, has stated that Lazulight will continue with its two remaining members even after Pomu’s departure. Nijisanji also thank Pomu for being part of its EN branch for two years, wishing her the best in her next endeavors.

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