Steam Winter Sale 2023 is about to end | What to get?

R.I.P. to our wallets, gamers.

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The Steam Winter Sale 2023 will be ending on January 5, 2024. As of the writing of this, that means you only have roughly less than 24 hours left to snag some of the best sales you can find for PC games.

Steam Sales have always been amazing but the one during the Winter season takes the cake for being the biggest, most exciting, and most dangerous for our wallets. At the end of the year, when all awards have been given, most of the high-profile games have been released, the discounted sales begin. All those titles that have been sitting in your wishlist and cart all along? There’s a high chance that they’re now being sold at the lowest price they have ever been.

While we can’t list down everything worth getting in the Steam Winter Sale because if we did, this article would see no end. Here are a few notable games we believe to be an absolute necessity to be a part of your Steam library:

Baldur’s Gate 3

I believe this game needs no introduction. As soon as it got released, everyone knew it was secured for the Game of The Year award. There’s nothing else that comes close. One of the best RPGs ever made and is widely considered to be a generational experience. Baldur’s Gate 3 is one of the best games ever made. Amazing story, a phenomenal cast of characters, and an unparalleled amount of freedom and dynamic possibilities made possible by the excellent gameplay and infrastructure. It may only be 10% off but if for some reason, you don’t own this game yet, now’s your chance.

Cyberpunk 2077

One of the greatest comeback stories in gaming. Since its troubled release, Cyberpunk 2077 has seen numerous updates that introduce a lot of quality-of-life changes and systematic improvements. It’s a perfect excuse for those who left to jump back in and experience Night City, better than ever. And for those who haven’t gotten it yet, the base game is 50% off. The Ultimate Edition, which bundles the game with the excellent Phantom Liberty expansion, can be purchased at 43% off. That’s a no-brainer, choom.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

One of the best sci-fi trilogies ever made. A remastered collection of the first 3 Mass Effect games is selling for 90% off! That’s insane. The name gets it right. These are legendary titles where Bioware was at the absolute peak of their game. You owe it to yourself to get this. And if you have played them already before, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t jump back in and experience it all over again.

Bioware Mega Collection

Okay, this is cheating a bit but there’s no way that a bundle containing Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition, Dragon Age 2 Ultimate Edition, Dragon Age Inquisition Game of the Year Edition, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, and Mass Effect Andromeda Deluxe Edition is being sold at 86% off will be left unnoticed. 5 ginormous games with all of the expansions and DLC content released being sold at a fraction of a price is wild. These are all a must-play for any RPG fan.

Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver quickly became one of the most beloved indie games of 2023. I have personally not played this yet, but with the 20% discount on top of the already cheap base price it has, it was a no-brainer for me to pick it up. Countless people will tell you that this deserves a dive in. It even won the “Sit Back and Relax” Steam Award.


Dead Space and Resident Evil 4 Remakes

I’m cheating again with this one but we got 2 phenomenal modern remakes of 2 genre-defining action horror games with Dead Space and Resident Evil 4. They’re both priced at 60% and 50% off respectively. The developers kept the core of what made these games great, thrilling, and timeless and placed a whole new modern coat of paint. These are what I believe to be the industry standard when it comes to remaking titles.


Monster Hunter World

The title that skyrocketed the Monster Hunter franchise into mainstream popularity. For the longest time, Monster Hunter was enjoying a fairly healthy but niche audience with Nintendo systems. It wasn’t until World was released for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC that the rest of the world was introduced to one of Capcom’s greatest IPs. World was a huge game-changer, both financially and mechanically for the series. Now that the sequel is announced and coming out on 2025, a huge resurgence of players are coming back to World to experience the wonder of it all over again. Plus, it’s a game about taking down massive kaijus. All for 60% off including the massive expansion. What’s not to love?


Elden Ring

Yet another generational release. Elden Ring won the 2022 Game of The Year award because it’s a culmination of everything From Software has learned from Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro, all of which are also masterpieces of their own. The Soulsborne genre has always been touted as a difficult place to get into but Elden Ring provides not only the perfect introduction to it, but also an amazing world and gameplay experience to lose dozens of hours into. At 40% off, with the promise of a future expansion coming, Elden Ring is a need.


Hogwarts Legacy

The bestselling game of 2023. Hogwarts Legacy captures the magic of the Harry Potter franchise without constraining itself with the films that came before. It’s an original story set in a different time. I felt like a child constantly in awe when I first played this. I’m not even that big of a fan of the franchise myself. Imagine what it’s like for the Potterheads out there? I expecto you to cop it at 50% off.

There’s a ton of games that I want to mention here. Stray, Jedi: Survivor, Red Dead Redemption 2, Sea of Stars, The Witcher 3, etc. The Steam Winter Sale 2023 is amazing. These games have no right to be as cheap as they are. As the last few hours are winding down, I wish your wallet luck in these trying times. But get ready for some of the best gaming experiences for the months to come.