KEMCO RPG Selection Vol. 7 is coming to the Nintendo Switch this July

KEMCO RPG Selection Vol. 7 will feature four intriguing JRPGs.

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KEMCO is back with another RPG collection as the KEMCO RPG Selection Vol. 7 is officially coming to the Nintendo Switch this July.

Much like the previous volumes, this latest one features another four games that promise hours upon hours of gameplay for JRPG fans. The four games in this collection were released between 2014 and 2020, and while they flew under the radar during their initial launches, these titles should be tempting enough to try for fans of the genre.

Meanwhile, here’s a short description of all four games in the collection:

  • Asdivine Cross
    • A fateful journey of the bearers of light and darkness. Over 200 skills that can be learned from enemies! Will there be heart-pounding individual endings with the heroines?
  • Alphadia Genesis 2
    • Beyond the revolving fate lies their path. A profound story where each belief and justice collide. Enjoy dynamic turn-based battles!
  • Ruinverse
    • RPG with a two-souled heroine. An adventure full of laughter and sadness with a heroine harboring alter ego. Master free-form development using the skill tree.
  • Chroma Quaternion
    • A delightful and thrilling tale about roles. An exquisitely vivid world adorned by the seasons. With cute pixel art in motion, the exhilarating and exciting battles are a must-see!

The KEMCO RPG Selection Vol. 7 is coming to the Nintendo Switch on July 25, 2024.