KEMCO RPG Selection Vol. 5 is coming to the Switch this December

This new RPG Selection features four classic games from Japanese developer KEMCO.

Japanese game developer and publisher KEMCO just announced the KEMCO RPG Selection Vol. 5, a collection of four classic RPGs from the developer that’s coming to the Nintendo Switch in Asia this December.

Classic RPG re-releases aren’t new, but even dedicated RPG fans may not be familiar with KEMCO’s games, though the publisher does have a dedicated fanbase thanks to its roster of classic RPGs.

Even if you aren’t familiar with the developer, this fifth collection of titles should pique your interest if you’re into old-school JRPGs. To give you a better idea of what to expect, check out the collection’s trailer here:

Meanwhile, here are the four games that are part of the package, along with a quick description for each (via KEMCO):

  • Asdivine Menace
    • Embark on an adventure in a timeless world! A voluminous title with countless elements for replayability. Experience special endings with three unique and powerful heroines!
  • Wizards of Brandel
    • Freeloading at the wanted Evil Lord’s house!? What awaits the destitute wizard?
  • Seek Hearts
    • A journey to discover the meaning of own existence. Who created the mysterious cyborg? A fantasy RPG that easily satisfies your itch for adventure.
  • Miden Tower
    • Surprisingly, the heroine is a ‘wall’!? Will the magical life-form (wall type) maiden dissolve the boy’s revengeful heart? A peculiar and gentle tale of sages trying to recapture the tower.

KEMCO RPG Selection Vol.5 will be released on the Nintendo Switch in Asia on December 7, 2023. Pre-orders will be rolled out in the region ahead of its release.