Mobile Legends: Bang Bang announced a returning collaboration with The King of Fighters

Mai, Terry and Kyo enter the Land of Dawn!

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In a recent Tweet, widely-successful MOBA game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), the company just revealed a returning collaboration with popular fighting game franchise King of Fighters.

For those who did not follow their previous partnership, the MOBA game already released 6 previous skins (Leona, Iori, Athena, K’, Chris, Kula) that repurposes the kit of existing heroes and serving them with a bit of King of Fighters flair.



Check out the official announcement below:

From the tweet:

MLBB × KOF ’97 is about to begin! Three new popular challengers will be joining the MLBB battlefield, can you guess who they are?

Based on the iconography we see on the bottom of the arcade screen, it shows a fan, a cap and a sun logo. It doesn’t take a King of Fighters fan much time to notice that they are referring to KOF staples Mai Shiranui, Terry Bogard and Kyo Kusanagi, respectively.

Leaks suggest that the three heroes that will get the skins are as follows:


Masha as Mai Shiranui

Paquito as Terry Bogard

Valir as Kyo Kusanagi


I can really get into Valir as Kyo as this seems to be a very perfect fit. The same can be said with Paquito becoming South Town’s favorite brawler, Terry Bogard. With Masha to Mai though, I personally think that this could be better suited for Hanabi but I’m aware that she already has a lot of quality skins done for her during the years, that they possibly decided on giving Masha a bit of love.

So when can we expect this collaboration to run? The MLBB x KOF collaboration is expected to start on April 24th and lasts until May 31st, 2024, that’s more than a month to get to grindin’ for those skins!



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