My Hero Academia: You’re Next movie gets new trailer ahead of August premiere

The fourth My Hero Academia movie sees a villain version of All-Might called "Dark Might."

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The upcoming My Hero Academia: You’re Next movie just got a new trailer ahead of its August cinema release date in Japan.

This is the fourth movie in the franchise, and it’s coming three years after the third movie’s release. As with pretty much all of the My Hero Academia anime movies, this one isn’t canon, though on the flip side, this makes it easy to watch even for fans who aren’t caught up with the anime series.

Plus, while it might not be canon, the film’s premise seemingly turns All-Might into a villain, or at least there’s a villain who looks very much like him, as shown in the trailer which you can watch here:

As the film is only confirmed to be released in Japan, there’s not a lot of info  yet about the movie. What we can say based on the trailer is that the film will feature All Might’s voice actor Kenta Miyake as “Dark Might,” meaning this villainous version of the iconic My Hero Academia hero will play a big role in the story.

For now, My Hero Academia: You’re Next is only confirmed to be released in Japan. There, the film will be released in cinemas on August 2, 2024.

Given that first two films in the franchise got released in cinemas (with the third one’s theatrical run being affected by the lockdowns), it’s likely that this film will get a theatrical release internationally. For now, there’s no word yet on release plans outside Japan though.

In related news, My Hero Academia Season 7 will finally premiere this May.